Ok, I thought that the number of readers to WG is somewhat increasing exponentially speaking of course. And to stamp our own personal mark of erm, branding, WG on wordpress will slowly be moving/migrating towards its new domain home/url. What I’ve done so far is to perform the URL forwarding for WG, while we source for the best hosting provider with the least amount of downtime.

  1. You’re still able to log on to WG (wordpress)
  2. Migration process may take a while, depending on how fast we’re able to source for good hosts. Yeah, cheap but good. *blame it on my roots lol*
  3. You may begin to edit your URLS to point to
  4. I was pissed off when wasn’t available. Bugger!
  5. Our contact emails will be changed shortly in the “about us” page.
  6. We’ve decided on a logo but due to the “shortage” of time that I’ve been facing of late, the unveiling of the logo might take a while
  7. Our own branding will give us better flexibility on what to put here and what not to put here to reach out to our wonderful readers

That’s all. Yeah, 7 pointers….7 is a magical number, the most powerful number in the wizarding world! ROFLMAO or why would Lawd Voldermort create 7 horcruxes? Ok ok, I was merely teasing you.

Not quite a grand welcome but please, clap your hands to our new url

—->> <<—-