Food Pouching – quick, simple and easy cooking

One of the quickest, simplest and easiest ways to cook is to use the Pouching technique. This technique is good for those who don’t know how to cook or aren’t good at cooking. It is also a great technique for those who are really busy because you can just pop this quickly in the oven and go off and shower or do some work, and when the timer’s up, you can just go and grab the food out of the oven.

The Pouching technique is a basic steaming technique which only requires you to put food that can be steamed into aluminium oil (recommended) or greaseproof/baking paper (less recommended), creating a pouch, and putting it into the oven. I feel aluminium foil is better than baking paper when steaming because the paper gets to get soggy but aluminium foil does not.

For Pouching success, I would probably put in some kind of carbohydrates/starch like rice (optional), one meat, vegetables, and some sort of seasoning and/or liquid.

food pouching

When you’re putting it all together, imagine whether or not the options you intend to use would mix together well for your personal taste. For example, I probably would never put rice, fish, carrots and honey together in my food pouch – but you might!


One response to “Food Pouching – quick, simple and easy cooking

  1. Lovely, I really should try that one day, if I ever do get round to cooking that is.

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