Top 5 Most Dangerous Countries in the World

Never thought I’d proceed to write about this but after scourging through the web on travel sites, I couldn’t help but notice how little there is on dangerous travels around the world. Eureka! My eyes laid upon one that caught not one but both eyes. Top 5 dangerous countries in the world. Fancy travelling to these countries after reading what is being done by the minute.

Russia, Venezuela, Jamaica, South Africa and Columbia.

All have one claim to fame, and that would be danger. I do remember say, a couple of years ago, I’d always entertained thoughts of perhaps, paying South Africa a visit. Little is known about this little country greatly ravaged by history’s little misdemeanour, the practice of apartheid. Reading about the dangers that country presents, jolted me upright!

South Africa : Averages 50 murders a day in a country of 47 million.

Figures like this speaks volumes on the atrocities that continues to go on today.

However, what I found puzzling was how little was being said about countries like Afghanistan, or perhaps, Iraq and even to a certain extent, Pakistan and etc. I can conclude quite rhetorically that reports like these aren’t conclusive without the inclusion of other countries, thought to be even more dangerous that the aforementioned places.



37 responses to “Top 5 Most Dangerous Countries in the World

  1. Forbes Most Dangerous Destinations 2006

    • Afghanistan
    • Burundi
    • Cote d’Ivoire
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • Georgia
    • Haiti

    not Colombia dear. 😉

  2. hi stella, i (the owner of the blog) didnt write it but one of my contributors did. but if you look at the press article which was linked to this, is rated the most dangerous destinations mentioned.

    however, the downside of this article is obviously that it didn’t mention places such as afghanistan, iraq. or even sudan, where the genocide in darfur is occuring.

  3. i am a colombian myself and although the murder rate in colombia has decreased a lot of crime within the country is still present. last year my granddad had a gun put to his head and had his car stolen and a friend of my dad’s was shot dead last year on the street and had a piece of meat and his wallet stolen. yes it is true that alvaro uribe is doing something good in colombia but he is mainly focussed in hosting events in the country such as the miss universe and the soccer world cup, and is forgeting that the unemployment rate is increasing. This is a big problem because if the unemployment rate is increasing this will result in people not earning money and not being able to buy the things they need to survive and if this occurs poeple will go out to the streets and steal and even kill to get money aand will increase the murder rate.

  4. That’s terrible to hear about your grandfather and your dad’s friend! I’m so sorry to hear that.

    It is sad that politicians do not seem to be trying harder to alleviate unemployment and poverty in Columbia. 😦

    I suppose that what Alvaro Uribe is trying to do is to is to bring more tourism into the country to create more jobs and bring more money into the country by tourism?

  5. The top 5 dangerous countries mentioned, are the top 5 that are the most dangerous but are not at war.
    Technically there is a list of 10 or so places at war that are by far the most dangerous to visit.
    The 5 mentioned are places that are not at war, so day to day life dangerous.
    South Africa is not in a state of war within the borders or outside. It is a beautiful country filled with culture and history. A place of new beginnings, unfortunately though, a place of hardships, and with a large population of 47 million, you are looking at a high crime rate, with some 50 murders per day.
    In countries at war you expect death, but for these 5, it’s merely a daily event for everyday life.

  6. what about naples where im from?
    my cousin was shot dead at 13 in a drive by and ive been robbed there so often ive lost count. ofcourse its not as dangerous as south africa or places that are currently a war but its still extremely dangerous.

  7. I second that aaron. I’ve travelled a bit around Europe and Naples was the one city where I didn’t feel safe at all…I was really glad to have a guy friend travelling with me at the time. Having said that, I’ve never been to any of the destinations on the above list 😉

  8. i think pakistan is the safest country in the world .

  9. go to Venezuela and see if u come back alive

  10. Wow ho!!! Hullo peoples, I do live in South Africa…it’s a scary place…would have to definitely agree with us being on the top five. We used to be number 1…ha ha ha…

  11. have you been to south africa? Probabaly not outherwise you wouldnt be reading this right now.
    SA should be num 1

  12. Venezuela isn’t as dangerous as the other countries.
    Brasil is much dangerous than Venezuela with a high rate of murder in Sao Paulo. I do agree that the rate of violence has increased a lot more. If Venezuela is as dangerous as it is now, its because the president we have now. Politics involve a lot in economics, which can lead to safety issues, corruption and all that we are living now in beautiful country. Shame!

    There is more people killed per day in Venezuela than Afghanistan (more than 23 p/day). Check Brasil still.

    Its Colombia. Not Columbia. 🙂

  13. To Andrea, Venezuela has an approximated rate of 36 violent deaths per day that’s until november of 2007 and it’s well know the violent deaths only rise during december. If I’m not mistaken a few weeks ago the death toll during the weekend was 63.

    Seeing how this is a traveling blog I’ll tell you how to get the best out of coming here, first thing is of course don’t however if you still want to this is what you do, you probably want to came for it’s natural beauty, and that’s not Caracas. Don’t step a foot in Caracas, granted if you see your plane ticket it says Caracas that’s a lie you’re half an hour (in a good day) away from the real Caracas, once you’ve landed get on the plane to go to the Roraima or to Los Roques those are 2 really unlikely places where you’d get killed.

    Oh and never never ever get on a plane to go to Merida (it has the longest and highest rising cable car in the world since last time I researched that) I don’t know how else you would go there however unless you want to know what it feels like before a plane goes crashing down I wouldn’t go.

  14. I think the dangerous country are the following:


  15. Andrea, Venezuela is more dangerous than Brazil, Colombia or South Africa. It took the title vacated by Colombia in 2003 and has held it the last four years (2003-2006). It’s too early for 2007 figures, but preliminary reports suggest Venezuela will stretch it’s lead over second-placed South Africa. There were more murders in Caracas than Sao Paulo BTW during 2006 and Sao Paulo’s 5 times larger.

    Carlos, you’re one of the few Colombians I’ve come across who don’t tell lies about crime in their country. I don’t understand why Colombians are so paranoid and how they think their country is always demonized by Hollywood and the media. Where on earth do they get that from?? Your horrid story is what really goes on in Colombia – most murders and crime being committed by common bandits.

  16. * There were more murders in Caracas than Sao Paulo BTW during 2006 and Sao Paulo’s 5 times larger.

    Sorry, I meant to say NEARLY as many murders in Caracas as Sao Paulo. I’m confusing Sao Paulo with Rio.

  17. I disagree with you Daniel because I live Jakarta ( capital of republic of indonesia) and I ensure you that it is perfectly safe. There are people in the streets who are gangsters and will steal your car mirror and such, but murders and such are rare. Indonesia is nothing compared to South Africa, Colombia, Afghanistan and more. I don’t know anyone who has been murdered. Most murders and deaths happen in lower class, mostly because of poverty and fighting to survive. Indonesia isn’t what most people think it is, so far I have had a good education and is living a pretty good life in Indonesia. We are not as poor as people think, we do have Prada and such. The problem is that the diffrence between the rich and the poor is huge. There are very little in the middle class. Indonesia was more dangerious in the 1998 where there all the Indonesians were against chinese — threw rocks at our houses, set our houses on fire ( i was chinese) and we were forced to move to singapore. But now I’m back in Indo and as happy as ever. Indonesia’s pretty safe as far as I know.

  18. When the chances of getting murdered is One in a million or Two in a million on a given day, while the odds twice, it really won’t be any different when you are there. The chance of getting killed are based on so many factors for example … Do you hang out in bars, brothels, do you dress like there is money in your walet? look like a wenie? Is there a lot of people there that hate the color of your skin? Do you like to make people mad? These things have much more to do with danger that a murder rate of a country. It’s silly to base the course of your life based on some figures in a magazine. There are places in Seattle I don’t feel safe … trust your feelings.

  19. u lot are mad somalia is da most dangours go der and see if u cum back

  20. I think this country is the scariest and the most deadly place in the world:

  21. I love dangerous countries of the world … thats a great adventure to try them … lets jump there … ready???

  22. Even though India is not there yet it is still bound to be.
    Lots of suicidal boms and terrorist attacks are going on. Plus
    Murders and National Conflicts. If you want to stay alive there then you will have to be middle class and not too poor or not
    too rich. And lots of kidnapping and robbing are going on. And this is Important: DON’T STAY AT OTHER PEOPLES HOMES OR IN A HOTEL!!!!! Because there were lots of cases of robery and kidnapping when you stay at other peoples homes. But you can stay at a CLOSE relatives home but still beware of the servants. Don’t treat then too bad or they will come back to KILL THEIR MASTERS (lots of cases with that). And before December a terrorist attack had happend in Taj Hotel. With bombs, knifes, guns, and physical injuries. The ambulance got killed, the police didn’t know what to do, the commandos came late and everything was destroyed! But luckily a rescue team came and rescued some people but unfortunately most were injured or died

  23. i think pakistan is messed up they keep bombing india when they lost to india in war already there going to get there buts kickeed again

  24. ………… wit me baby won’t u dance wit me all night won’t u party party party

  25. go india go india go india go india go india go india

  26. yoh im in south africa.Its very scary and always in fear.haha just kidding lol 1 of da best places in da world.

  27. somalia most dangerous country in da world say no more

  28. somalia most dangerous ull get shot in a second

  29. Venezuela and colombia are the most dengerous I was kidnapped for 2 mounths and idk how I’m alive, my friends fam has all been killed in a drive by and the only one who servived was him.don’t go to venezuela if u want to live.. Or keep your head or keep your arm because someone wants a fake watch.

  30. Venezuela and colombia are the most dangerous. I was kidnapped for 2 months and idk how I’m alive, my friends fam has all been killed in a drive by and the only one who survived was him. don’t go to venezuela if u want to live.. Or keep your head or keep your arm because someone wants a fake watch. I was born and raised there so I’m not just making shh up.

  31. Pakistan is the greatest country.
    and Karachi is its heart
    i lov karachi
    KARACHI ROCKzzz…..

  32. the name of the country is Colombia. Columbia is a state.

  33. To begin with, I have been to Colombia numerous times. There is crime in Colombia like there is in any other country. If people resist a robbery they sometimes get killed but it does not happen in every corner. It only happens in bad areas. The drugs war in colombia only goes on in the jungle and farm lands. Colombia is a beautiful country , I ahve gone with many Americans(white) and nothing has happened to them. Colombias capital is Bogot and I recommend anyone to go ,so they can see how much they are going to love it .

  34. We ae out of control...

    In Sandton, South Africa the sound of sirens and gun fire from rogue criminals is normal now. We are not at war, but we have death rates and turmoil beyond belief now. I guess the government did fail – but hey. I’m nearly out… Oct 20th my last day – never want to read, speak, touch this soil again. What a failure….

  35. Re: Momo! You silly dick-head where discussing the world’s most dangerous countries- not Hindustan-Pakistan conflicts! However if your Hindu army are ready to batter Pakistan jawans? What the hell are you waiting for after 26/11? Your hindu leaders are just mouth and are running scared of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb? Oh and Lets wait when your new friends the US pullout of Aghanistan, then we’ll fuck you up in Aghanistan and Kashmir as we did during the kargil war 1999? B4 Vajpaee, went running and begging to Bill Clinton? to pressure Pakistan’s then leader Nawaz Sharif, to pull back Pakistan forces from land they won after battering India’s sikh army! The US are in sth asia to save your hindu erse from Pakistan? So let them fight your battle and you hide behind them!?!

  36. Re: Imran. Well said mate! It’s true if India’s army was much superior to Pakistan’s they would have attacked and invaded Pakistan a long time ago. The Indian army know how pro the Pakistan army is nd hw hard it will be to beat if united? India’s army r definitly not getting carried away watching bollywood movies. Finally the points u hv published r vry true and not every person is aware of it.

  37. Colombian cities are riddled with drug-related violence, it’s not just the countryside like you might see on the news.

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