Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Yeah, I was thinking about ice cream and all the wacky flavours out there that’s available. And out of the blue, I stumbled upon one that caught my eye and thought that I’d like to share it with you guys here.

Ingredients needed to make simple Vanilla Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

  • Milk
  • Heavy Cream ( half of it )
  • Vanilla
  • Sugar
  • Liquid Nitrogen

Equipment needed :-

  • Stainless Steel mixing bowl
  • Wooden mixing spoon
  • Gloves

First figure out how much you want to make. Multiply the total amount of ice cream by five to get the amount of Liquid Nitrogen needed to freeze the ice cream. A gallon of ice cream will thus need five gallons of Liquid Nitrogen.

Mix the Milk, Cream, Vanilla and sugar in the mixing bowl. The ratios should be twice as much cream as milk and about 8 tbsp of vanilla for every gallon of liquid. Sugar should be about 1 cup dry measure per gallon. If that’s too sweet then half it. I do not know how artificial sweeteners react to the cold, so I don’t recommend the usage of them.

Mix the ingredients until the sugar has dissolved into the milk and cream. Add in any fixings (candy, coffee, other flavors). Move to the sink if you haven’t already.

Pour in the Liquid Nitrogen slowly and mix with the wooden spoon until completely frozen, which should be about 10 minutes. Wear the gloves, because it’s going to be cold.

For a better freeze, prepare the icecream in a pressure cooker, and after adding the Liquid Nitrogen, clamp shut for 5 minutes.



4 responses to “Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

  1. nitrogen ice cream? lol! that is wacky!

  2. Cunsumption of LN2 per lit of ice cream seems to be very high, as 5 lit of LN2 for 1 lit of ice crem.

    Is there any party making m/c for frenchise to produce ice cream at counter.

    Can you give details as Kcal required for 5 lit of ice cream making at room temp.and kcal available from LN2 per kg.

    If LN2 can come from bottom of the bowl without evaporating form top surface saving is possible?.

    Hope to receive your kind reply.

  3. Is it easy to eat ice crem having non uniform temp in one lit bowl, as we have never tested.

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