Avril Lavigne, the global Girlfriend

Avril Lavigne, the “punk princess”, has decided to record and release her new song, “Girlfriend”, in 8 different languages. The song “Girlfriend” is purely a pop number – but then again, was Avril really a real ‘punk rocker’ anyway?

The 8 languages Avril Lavigne has decided to record “Girlfriend’ in are English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. I’m sure the marketing technique here is to globalise her songs to the local languages was an interesting one. But it just makes for extreme hilarity, with her shocking accents, tones, and even using incorrect sentences.

It was reported that she was going to sing “Girlfriend” in Hindi. Fortunately for the Hindi speaking community, “attempts at Hindi proved too difficult. We tried Hindi twice but the diction and the meter of how you sing Hindi versus the western rhythms just didn’t match and we just couldn’t pull it off,” said her manager, Terry McBride.

They should have gotten her a speech coach or something before unleashing the songs onto the world and ruining the major world languages.

The one that really made me laugh so much was the one in Mandarin Chinese. My friend thinks that Avril is using both Mandarin and Cantonese in the song. Meanwhile, all I can say is, “Mum, at least I can speak Mandarin better than someone famous!”

Avril Lavigne’s Mandarin efforts:

Her other linguistic efforts available on YouTube:
Japanese: http://youtube.com/watch?v=c6YhaDA6fNc
German: http://youtube.com/watch?v=AFbkIrilZyI
Spanish: http://youtube.com/watch?v=gV18mZtToP
Portuguese: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0-8Kq2wkdk
French: http://youtube.com/watch?v=erQjjiBKx-Y


8 responses to “Avril Lavigne, the global Girlfriend

  1. Annoying little twat isn’t she?

  2. yes. its a pity, i used to like her music. but now she’s sold out even more…

  3. avril is great!
    the song is so fabulous.
    shes fantastic.
    im hindi and i want her muzicana in hduan!
    –raz-b da mann

  4. +_+ i lab u avril ramona b. lavigne mmmmwwwwAAAhhhhhh

  5. That would be sweet to go see Avril Lavigne in concert in Beijing China. Her tour date says it’s October 6th. After watching the olympics, I really want to visit Beijing now.

  6. AVRIL ROX !!!!
    she’s the best

  7. Wow. I’ve heard all 8 versions, and all I can say is that the English version was definitely the best. I know some of the other languages she recorded in, and her grammar was very bad, although I doubt that it was her fault. Also, her pronunciation is horrible in many cases – I can understand that she’s not exactly a native speaker of them, but I think she could have done better. And I am a Hindi speaker (I’m from India, so go figure) and I think a Hindi version wouldn’t have been that hard, especially considering the apparent difficulty of the Chinese version. (Disclaimer: I don’t speak Chinese, but I heard the Chinese version of the song, and it didn’t look very easy for a non-native speaker to pull off.) But then again, when you see how poorly she did when she recorded the other versions, I can see how a Hindi version might have easily sounded horrible. Of the other non-English language versions, I think her French version sounded the best, but that is because since she is Canadian, she presumably had some degree of education in French, although I think her French education was limited because her pronunciation is still strongly accented. Oh well, at least she tried.

  8. Oh, and if you saw any of the behind-the-scenes videos for the making of songs from the album “The Best Damn Thing”, she DID have a sort of speech coach as she was recording. They only showed parts of the recordings of some of the foreign languages, and she had a speaker of each language instruct her on how to sing the words before she recorded them. It was particularly humorous (sorry, Avril!) to see her record the German version – at one point, she became frustrated and asked, “Do I really have to say all of the ‘khhh’?” (referring to the harsh, back-of-the-throat sounds used in the German language) and then had a look of total exasperation on her face when her speech coach simply nodded and said, “That’s the language!” Ah, now I really wish I could have seen her recording the Hindi version! Although it probably would have hurt my ears to hear it…

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