The Most Expensive Pizza in the World

A picture of the luxury gourmet pizza:

Would you every buy a pizza that cost $1000? That’s exactly what people are doing in New York – buying the world’s most expensive pizza.

What exactly is on this extravagant pizza, you may ask? This gourmet pizza is 12″ with a thin crust, topped with lobster tail, six different types of caviar including salmon roe, creme fraiche (a fancy type of cheese), and chives. A normal pizza has 8 slices, so if the pizza is divided up into 8, that means each slice is worth a whopping $125. However, in this picture it seems to me that this pizza only has 4 slices. This means that it’s $250 per slice. Now that’s what I call an expensive pizza!

I am yet to hear any reviews on whether this pizza is actually ‘value for money’, but I shall keep you posted.

For those who feel peckish and would like your bank account to be $1000 lighter, head to Nino’s Bellissima, 890 Second Avenue, New York. (Near 47th Street). But remember to call 24 hours ahead to grab that luxury gourmet pizza, otherwise it won’t be ready.

If anyone feels nice enough, you can send the pizza direct to The Wandering Gourmet where it can be taste tested for free. You just have to buy me the pizza and fly it over to Australia. 😉

Or you can just shake your head and say, “Only in America…


6 responses to “The Most Expensive Pizza in the World

  1. ONLY IN AMERICA! *shakes head*

  2. Hey! Glad to see someone from Perth here. Do you have any good Italian joints to recommend?

  3. I sure do MizAnge. I’ll put them up later, I’m actually having a break from work at the moment. 🙂

  4. You gonna end up with food poisoning by the time it gets here!!!!:P

  5. Haha. Well, they could just put it in the fridge or something and then I could reheat it. Just like…. pizza leftovers from the night before. :$

  6. Oh my God dude. I would totally eat it. LOL. -BAC

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