Get The Glass

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Most Americans and those who have studied advertising have probably come across the “Got Milk?” campaign which featured either things such as chocolate buttons which said, “Got Milk?” on them, or people with milk moustaches. This campaign was pretty successful, I think.

Following up on the Got Milk campaign is the California Milk Processor Board’s new advergame (online advertising game used for viral marketing) by North Kingdom, called Get The Glass ( where your mission is to help the Adachi family who are on the run from the police for attempting to break into Fort Fridge to get the milk version of the holy grail – The Milk Glass. If the Adachi’s get caught, they ship you off to “Milkatraz”. 3 trips to Milkatraz and it’s game over.

I am really impressed with the quality of the game and the website. I wonder how much the California Milk Board spent on
making it! The graphics, animations and sound is really impressive, and it’s funny too.

After playing the game, will you drink milk today?

For me – nah, I’m semi-lactose intolerant! Maybe another day. :p


2 responses to “Get The Glass

  1. Mmm mmm Milk! It tastes so good in my coffee!!!

  2. Mmmm… and in tea too 😀 And don’t forget Milo! 😀

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