Food TV shows round-up: Asia – part 1

Today I managed to catch a show called World Cafe Asia which Anthony Bourdain (a real chef who has his own show called Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations) has been promoting in advertisements on the Lifestyle Travel and Living channel on Foxtel (cable television network). Anthony said the host of World Cafe Asia knows a lot about Asia’s street food, which was promising because I love Asian street food. Even if it might potentially give you a stomach ache.

Before the show started, Anthony Bourdain had a little mini-segment called “Full Course” which was on Singapore. Anthony said that Singapore was a mix of different cultures, and the old world and the new world. He also mentioned that when most people think of Chinese food, people think of unhealthy, greasy Chinese food. But as part of Chinese food, there is a dish called yong tau foo. Yong tau foo, for those who do not know, is stuffed tofu. He said he was quite surprised because it was healthy but tasted really good. Yong tau foo is one of the dishes that is a dish from my particular Chinese ethnic group. In my family, we have it at extended family parties – so I was quite pleased it was praised because I have a friend who teases me about eating yong tau foo.

But what was amusing to me was that the shop Anthony was in was called ‘Ampang Niong Tau Foo’. It was amusing because a lot of places outside of Ampang, Malaysia, carry the name, “Ampang Niong Tau Foo”. I guess they are just trying to ride on the back of Ampang’s most famous dish.


2 responses to “Food TV shows round-up: Asia – part 1

  1. Nothing wrong with Yong Tau Foo!

    Emma Seafood is as close as I can get over here…

    Any other good recommendations?

  2. Exactly! Yong Tau Foo is good 😀

    I think Emma’s Seafood is the only place that sells Yong Tau Foo… as well as another shop on William Street whose name I can’t remember which specialises in it.

    But it’s pretty easy to make yourself…

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