What do Australians eat? Normal food?

** Viewer’s discretion is needed to understand underlying tone of joke**

Seriously, I came across this message on the answers.yahoo.com site which well, got me on all fours laughing. Do we really eat exotic unusual food that adds to our staple diet? Beats me really.

However, the answers generated were hilarious and I could not resist, posting about it over here. And no, I definitely am not downsizing the asker of the question nor am I being rather brash-cum-arrogant about the question. It all in the name of hilarity and fun!

And oh by the way by normal food, we eat kangaroos, wallabies, emu, koalas, snakes, grubs, possums, wombat, budgies, dingos and etc. Perhaps, we could start something out of it such as a McRoo, or a Walla Whopper! Yum…..not, of poor endangered species.

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7 responses to “What do Australians eat? Normal food?

  1. LOL.

    Roo meat is pretty tough for my own liking though my cats love it!
    I know most people who wouldn’t touch croc/roo/snake meat..I guess Australians are too used to packaged chopped chicken breasts in supermarkets these days.

  2. Nah. It’s cos we’re too lazy to go out and shoot our own roos and wrestle crocs. And petrol is too expensive these days to go for road kill. That’s why we prefer packaged meat from the supermarket.

  3. accutly.i am doing a project and i dont know if these facts are real.are they?

  4. Well I am going to Australia in the summer time and I am a little nervous

  5. Danyell, there’s no need to worry about going to Australia. There’s ample ‘normal’ food. 🙂

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  7. Roo meat is good tucker as is possum. I used to have possum on the menu at one of my restaurants and the guests loved it. A little cautious at first andthen they accused me of selling rabbit as possum, so I would delight in bringing the cooked tail from the kitchen…. if you like rabbit you will love possum.
    Aussies are good foodies and will venture at most things. However I think there is a trend today to be leaving the “good” parts behind. Mainly because the supermarkets sell pre pack meats and do not “break down” the carcass. Personally I go crazy for lamb’s kidneys and often have devilled kidneys for breakfast. Stuffed sheep’s heart is a real treat and my all time favourite if you ever invite me for dinner is lambs fry and bacon. My wife by the way makes THE best.

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