Restaurant Review: Rockeby’s, Subiaco

1 Rokeby Road (Cnr Rokeby and Railway Road)

Yesterday a fellow Wandering Gourmet member, M, and I went to a restaurant called Rokeby’s in Subiaco (where the Lava Lounge used to be) to ‘celebrate’ my/our victory of being able to fix her many computer problems. Neither of us had been there before and the restaurant was quite empty. We should have probably left the restaurant because of this indicator, but I guess we wanted to try something new.

We ordered a Chicken Pizza ($16) and the Fettuccine with a green pesto sauce ($12) which one one of the pasta specials

Much to our disappointment – and probably why there were not many people in the restaurant/cafe – the food was atrocious. The Chicken Pizza was pretty shocking considering we paid $16 for it and all we got was something really basic – a pizza base, tomato sauce, cheese and a couple of non-marinated chicken slices. The Fettuccine with pesto was so so.

M made a comment about the food being tasteless and ended up having to pour salt and pepper on both dishes.

I didn’t say anything in the restaurant as I did not want to upset the workers, but I have to say the food was pretty appalling and even the males in my house can cook 200% better than the professional Cooks/Chefs in this joint. However, it was the Easter weekend and maybe their real Chef was away for the Easter break. Let’s hope so, because this restaurant won’t survive if they continually serve food to this standard to patrons.

To sum it up: Avoid Rokeby’s like the plague!


3 responses to “Restaurant Review: Rockeby’s, Subiaco

  1. That is so disappointing.

    I tend not to eat at most cafe’s/restaurants I don’t know well or haven’t tried before.

    I went to Conca’s last night for chilli mussels..Prices have gone up but still yummy!

    Any good roast duck places in Northbridge? There are so many of them but I’ve only tried Good Fortune…Not too bad but lousy service.

    What about a post on the best taverns around Perth? My personal fave is the Wembley bistro/tavern. Great veal parmigiana and seafood marinara. 🙂

  2. Try Hung Kee’s opposite the Northbridge Allphones. They are fast and the food is quite tasty, the staff are really friendly and you get a big bowl of complimentary soup when dining there. The roast pork skin may not look like it, but it is quite crispy. Ask for the Roast Duck Noodle Dry. The noodle without the soup is not on the menu, but it is available. But you may want to add soy, they don’t really season the noodles. 😦

  3. Yeah that was disappointing, but although the food was pretty bad, at least I know now not to go there. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. After all, there are some places that I have not been to before but were actually really nice places. In addition, I find that a lot of the smaller/obscure places are actually quite good!

    Wah… Conca’s price of chilli mussels has gone up? Is it still looking dingy? hehe

    I haven’t been to the Wembley… possibly too far. Well not really. I’m just too lazy to go to Wembley! *blush* If it’s an occasion I like to go to Nicholson’s Bar and Grill on Nicholson Road, Canning Vale – because people generally enjoy the food there and the boys have enough to eat.

    I’ll get around to doing a post about pub food. When I get around to the other posts people have asked me to do. I have 3 articles in the queue to do. 🙂

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