Hard Gay cooking with kids!

So the name may sound wrong. His moves look so very wrong…. but damn I have not seen anything this funny in quite awhile. Before I freak you out and people contact administrators believing I am posting porn or whatever, I’ll give you a brief outline on who this guy is.

Razor Ramon Sumitani Hard Gay” or just “Hard Gay” or even “HG” is a character created and performed by Japanese comedian, Masaki Sumitani. Hard Gay goes around Japan dressed in a black leather outfit, helping the community.

Although it may sometimes be kinda hard to notice with his signature pelvic thrusts and over enthusiasm, which may shock audiences more than entertain them. All the same I found him hilarious. Well in the clip that I’m posting, he is doing a segment where he tries to “fix” kid’s dislike of certain food. The first one is a Green Pepper, and the second one is Natto which is made from Japanese fermented soybeans. I love these kids expressions. Enjoy!!!

Hard Gay: Green Pepper

Hard Gay: Natto


One response to “Hard Gay cooking with kids!

  1. I couldn’t watch it all. That’s so wrong. Those poor traumatised kids!!!

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