Thanks for coming!

Hi Perth-based Wandering Gourmet Members

I’d like to say thank you to all who came on Sunday night to our first meet…ing. I hope you all enjoyed the night. 🙂

Our next event will be a more informative meeting style – with proper introductions and team games and stuff so you all get to mingle with each other.

It will probably be on the 26th/27th (weekend) so please keep those dates free!

— Angie


6 responses to “Thanks for coming!

  1. Thanks for organising a great night. I had fun. Wasn’t it Sunday though??? (I know I’m being picky)

    A pity we didn’t really get a chance to mingle more. There’s always next time!!!

  2. Oops you’re right Jonno! Thanks for pointing that out to me. 🙂

  3. Next time, we should organise a pre-drinks thing. And we can stand round with a baseball bat, and if we see people “mingling” with people they already know we can threaten them with a beating? 😀 Yes? I’m sure after the first beating the others will learn to mingle with new people.:) Problem solved with creative thinking….check! 😛

  4. Yeah…As long as I can be the one with the bat!!! You’re right one beating is all it takes and the others will fall in line.


  5. Tsk tsk tsk, you should all know that we don’t hit other members.

    However, since we are batting – as President/Founder, I bags that I go bat people first if they don’t mingle! 😀

  6. Waaaah! :S Why do you get all the good ones. 😦 So not fair!!! You are abusing your presidential privileges!! I call for a revolt!!! 😀

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