Perth Wandering Gourmet Event Announcement

Hi Perth Wandering Gourmands

Just to let you know our next event is on 2pm, Saturday the 26th of April.

It’s an afternoon tea out at Piney Lakes Sensory Park, which is off Murdoch Drive (opposite Corpus Christi). Please don’t use the Leach Hwy entrance as you are going the wrong way!

The cost is $10 but fret not 😉 it will be an afternoon of games, fun exciting getting to know you and me and him and her and it. $10 is to be paid before the 26th of May to Penny or Me (Angie) so we can go out and buy the afternoon tea for your enjoyment!

Please wear comfortable clothing (yes girls, that means no shoes with heels!).

Click a thumbnail if you require a map of where to go to find Piney Lakes Park. map - piney lakes Google Maps - Piney Lakes Sensory Park, Winthrop

Attendance is mandatory – mainly because we are doing introductions and club rules so it is a fantastic opportunity to get to know one another in a more informal fashion. 🙂

— Ange


7 responses to “Perth Wandering Gourmet Event Announcement

  1. I’m coming! 😀

  2. Wow!! You’re so dedicated!!! LOL!

  3. lol i know! 😀

  4. That’s coz I’ll be there in spirit 😉

  5. Just don’t pinch or tickle me while you’re there in spirit!

  6. Don’t frown. Tickle or pinch her back!

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