Ohnamiya Japanese Takeaway Food Review

Ohnamiya Japanese Restarurant
34 Kearns Crescent, Applecross
(08) 9364 3332

Last night a few friends and I went to Ohnamiya in Applecross for dinner. I was quite surprised that it was not full, because the past few times I had been there, there was always a queue and you would always have to wait for about 20 minutes if you came in at 7pm+. Mind you, the last time I had been to Ohnamiya was about a year or two ago during my uni days. But still.

The best thing about this place is that hot Japanese green tea and nice and cold water is available for free – although I’m sure it’s calculated into the price of the meal, but hey, it’s “free”! Free is good! The only problem was that the Green Tea tasted quite diluted. I am not sure whether the restaurant was skimping on the amount of green tea leaves they put into the teapot or whether my friend did not wait for it to boil the leaves properly which was why the green tea tasted quite diluted.

I ordered a Teriyaki Fish Sushi Box ($13.20), which was ok – nothing special. I did not even receive wasabi or an extra dish of soya sauce even though I was having sushi! I’ve never had the Teriyaki Fish or the Sushi Box at Ohnamiya but the food tasted worse than usual. Or maybe it was just my dish as my friends said their dishes were alright.

My friends ordered things which included some sort of crumbed seafood box/plate. A girl friend ordered one of these crumbed seafood plates and some sort of egg, chicken and mayo teriyaki rice box and she had some kind of trouble with the order because she wanted the chicken separated from the egg or the egg to be separate from the rice… or something. Well it was something that was not that hard to do. But maybe they pre-make the chicken-egg portion of the meal which is why they could not carry out her request.

I would rate this food experience a 3 out of 5 – for no to little service and really average food. Extra points for free drinks.


One response to “Ohnamiya Japanese Takeaway Food Review

  1. Last time I went, I had the chicken udon and it was yummy. 🙂

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