What’s Your Spread?

I’m currently waiting for my next group meeting to start, and I was just looking up more facts for our assignment.

Anyways. I came across an article which is saying that butter is actually better for you, so I thought I’d share with you what I have found over the past few months while doing this assignment.

Well the main thing is after reading all of these reports and stuff, apparently you will be better off with butter. this is mostly based on the taste benefits. As you would have guessed, i’ve become more conscious of the spread we have been using at home. We had margarine in the fridge before, and then we bough butter. You can really taste the difference! I always assumed because one is a substitute for the other, they are both suppose to taste the same. While butter retains that cream taste, the margarine has this oil taste. X6

As for those spreads which are suppose to lower your cholesterol, according to an article by Choice, they do work, but you need to ingest about 25g a day for it to have any affect. :S that’s a lot…….

*Edit* Here’s a recipe to make your own butter. 🙂


4 responses to “What’s Your Spread?

  1. Butter may have more benefits as it’s more natural than the synthetic margarine. I’m not sure what you mean by taste benefits here, but isn’t margarine supposed to be better overall?

    Also, it’s important to note that if you are taking the brand Logical – do not use it if you are having a problem with osteoporosis (or suspect that you may have a problem with it.) That advice comes from a family friend who is a doctor.

  2. Margarine has an oil flavor. You know that taste when you’ve eaten way too much fish and chips that’s gone cold? Also Margarine is black when it is made. it turn yellow after they bleach it and put in the food colourings. :S I think maybe we should just stick to butter. Or make your own. I’ll add the link onto this. 🙂

  3. Dear Angie, and everyone who has been hoodwinked. Vegetable oil and it’s inbred cousin, margarine, is nourishing only to the bank balance of agricorporate CEOs. Margarine is poison. Just do a little experiment. Place two plates, one with margarine and one with butter outside and watch. The butter will be eaten by all sorts of critters including mould. The margarine will stay intact. For months. Every living creature in your garden, even the microorganisms like mould will stay away from it. Please read the article to which Penneigh was refering here:



    The Nourisher

  4. Isn’t is hilarious the day after, The West Australian publishes an article about Butter Vs. Margarine. They’re onto us!

    The Nourisher – as I said, butter is natural, margarine is synthetic. The reason why margarine is thought to be more “healthy” is because it has less bad fats than butter.

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