June and July Events

Hi all,
Just to let you know that the next meet up is scheduled on the 23rd of June which is a dinner at the African Mesob in Northbridge. I am still awaiting  for the menus, so at this present stage I am unsure what the price will be like. But I’ve heard it’s good – and it definitely will be a different experience with African food and all.

Next month, we are thinking about having a Cooking Team Challenge.  Basically this is an event to get to know each other better in terms of team work and cooking styles. Or perhaps for those who don’t cook, this would be a great opportunity to learn how to cook. A maximum spend amount per person will be set, so it is highly important to budget your team’s total expenditure. For those who are thinking about just rocking up for the food, we will charge a ‘penalty’ which will be used for club purposes. Please register your interest via either the Contact Us page or via email.

Also a new update – in addition to having a Wandering Gourmet MySpace and Friendster page, we are now on Facebook. Just look up “Wandering Gourmet” and you will ind us on Facebook.




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