Wandering Gourmet Update

It’s been a while since I properly updated everyone with the Wandering Gourmet details. Well, a month or two at least.

There are a few things I would like to mention:

Our little Wandering Gourmet club is now quite a good, sizeable number. We now have 30 members in our club. Woohoo, the big 3-0! Certainly a number I won’t be dreading – until I reach that age.

The breakdown of these are that 24 of these members are from Perth. The rest of our member countries have been listed in the “Members” page of this website. For those who can’t be bothered going to the Members page to check this out, the current Member countries are Malaysia, USA, Singapore, South Korea, and Sweden.

We are currently on the look out for Contributors to our blog; as well as Club Officials. Both jobs should take only a few hours per month, most of which can be done online for those who are slack and just can’t be bothered getting out of the house. (Oh wait, did I just describe myself there?) If you would like to step up and get those creative juices flowing, please give us a buzz via the Contact Us page.


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