A chef’s best friend

Ok here’s my first attempt at blogging…

The chef’s knife, also known sometimes as a cook’s knife, in my opinion is the most important item in the kitchen. You are able to cook something with inadequate cookware but you won’t be able to prepare the food to cook without a chef’s knife, unless you are eating eggs or microwaveable tv dinner or something haha. The chef’s knife is designed to perform a variety of food preparation tasks, such as cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing. Most people will only need this one knife for food preparation. I won’t bother explaining anymore so I’ll list a wikipedia link here. I’ll just post some tips for buying one in this post.

Some alternatives to a chef’s knife (and won’t go into depth explaining) are:

1. Chinese chopping knife (“Cai dao”) – All purpose knife used by the asians for food preparation, guess most of you will know what this is. Most of the ones here are cheap and nasty, and personally I prefer a normal chef’s knife, but thats just me.

2. Santoku (means “3 uses” in japanese) – Fairly popular these days amongst women (possibly due to marketing), santoku’s don’t have a pointy tip like chef’s knives and are a generally smaller and less “scary” looking. Does not add value if you already own a chef’s knife. I would buy one for my future wife or something LOL, when the time comes, so I don’t have to cook dinner. 😉

Here are my chef’s knives, don’t ask why I’ve got 4! Well, I have a variety of sizes for different tasks and on my mood. But really you only need one! 😛

my chef's knives
Top to bottom:

1. Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Gyuto (24cm, ~$330 – insert asian price shock here eg. my mum: “Ai-yo~!“)

2. Global G-2 Chef’s Knife (20cm, $129.95)

3. Misono Molybdenum Chef (18cm, ~$80)

4. Global GS-3 Chef’s Knife (13cm, $89.95)

Like all things, a quality chef’s knife does not come cheap. They can start from $50 dollars and can cost thousands. Think of it as a lifetime investment. A good quality knife will easily last over 20 years (Does your car last 20 years?). Forget those tv infomercials where you get “10 knives for $49.95 and when you pay by credit card in the next half hour, you get an extra set free!” For the most part, you will never need 19 of those knives anyway. The more expensive a knife is, does not mean it is better either. Every knife is different so try each one to see which ones you are comfortable with. A 20cm/ 8inch knife is plenty for most. Check out the weight, balance, and construction of the knife. Wusthof, Henckels, Victorinox, Messermeister, Global, and Shun are good brands you can find locally. Personally I prefer japanese over german makes because they are lighter, thinner and sharper. However, they are require more maintenance and care compared to their german counterparts.

Reviews for some of the above here.

I have listed down some places in Perth where you can find some quality knives. A good strategy is to go to the store and have a feel of the knife, and order them online to save money!

Local stores:

1. Cut it out – 413 Murray St, Perth

2. Kitchen Warehouse – See site for locations


Online stores:

1. Kitchen Warehouse (1week delivery)


2. Everten Online (1 week delivery)


3. Japanese Chef’s Knife (1-2weeks delivery)



7 responses to “A chef’s best friend

  1. Ooh. Top knife is gut-wrenching! Having to buy that myself would be similar to performing a financial hara-kiri on myself 😮

  2. Knives are an awesome tool! 😀

    I think you need more than one knife though. I mean there’s butchers knives and paring knives and things like that.

  3. hehe more to come later! 🙂

    Yeah I agree that there are some things a chef’s knife can’t do, like chopping bones whihch are really only for butchers knives. Paring knives are useful when I want to eat an apple hehe 🙂

  4. Yeah that’s true. And you also need a fish knife! 😀

    I’m surprised Penny is yet to comment on this…. *looks suspiciously at her*

  5. hehe yeah i got a yanigiba! japanese sashimi knife. i dont have a deba atm to prep fish and chop fish bones but may buy one soon. but i agree they are quite useful when you do need them.

    but i haven’t found any decent fish around here tho haha so i just use it to slice normal pork beef chicken.

    also quite useful for peeling cucumbers iron chef style 🙂

  6. lol @ peeling cucumbers iron chef style.

    Hey Ben, I think I’ve got the perfect genre for the cook off for you. 😉 I hope you’ll be nice to your assistant(s), iron chef. :p

  7. do i have to? > 🙂 haha jks

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