Damascus Gate Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

Ok, Damascus = Syria? I know I know, Geography isn’t exactly my strongest point, I could name erm, places like Los Angeles, San Francisco in due part on Hollywood. Yes! I’m a movie freak that’s being slowly churned into a foodie as well.

No, I’m not another Michael Myers (think, Halloween H20) as this mini me here’s perfectly sane.

Back to Damascus Gate Restaurant, this restaurant is situated in the erm, remotest part of Kuala Lumpur BUT fret not, they serve up a good deal at a cheap price.

I’m all for good food at cheap prices, and I reckon, they taste somewhat better, not to mention though, my pocket does as well! LOL!

Lena and I had a go at Shawamar something something, well, the menu was in Arabic, and I had erm, potato something something (think Arabic).

Thank goodness Lena knew how to speak/read Arabic having spent a part of her life in Riyadh.

But anyhow, the one I had which was potatoes, in onions, in erm…butter (possibly, tasted like it though), and lamb was sooooo bloody good I could go for a 2nd helping!

Lena’s shawamar was equally good tasting as well but we were floored by what came after these deliciously cooked food. Rice pudding!

That was like the first time I’ve ever had rice pudding and it tastes sooooooo good!

Can’t exactly look at rice the same way again, can I? According to the guy who took our orders ( Syrian who married a Chinese woman, adorable), he said the rice pudding is made overnight using goat’s milk and semi-cooked rice with some sugar that isn’t too sweet. Once everything’s set, it’s left in the refrigerator overnight to be served the next day.

It’s good 😉


Restaurant Interior, comfy seats (on the floor) but filled with mozzies :p

Rice Pudding on my left palm

For decoration purposes, the stalk kept falling down, and thank goodness it wasn’t London Bridge lol.
I was so excited I couldn’t snap a proper picture lol. Nothing turns me on like humour on food 😀 But these are pickles. Yum!

Shawamar goodies! Reminds me of pashmena. (I have no idea why)

Half ravaged rice pudding!

My potato goodie. Soooo simple but good!


13 responses to “Damascus Gate Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Mmm, looks good! Are you going to take me there?

  2. I definitely will 🙂

  3. Taters are always yummy.

  4. That’s true. 🙂

  5. How to get there?

    Do you have their phone number??

  6. u mentioned this restaurant to be at the remotest place in kl, but where exactly? id like to try out the food there. ur pix make me hungry lol

  7. Hi Everyone,
    I am not able to give the exact location as my familiarity of Kuala Lumpur city itself is pretty bad. What I can say is that it is situated somewhere near Koreatown / Ampang Point. If I do go there again, I would ask for a business card of some sort and post the address over here 🙂

  8. hello..

    mmm..yum yum. where exactly the restaurant situated at? am hungry….let me know..

  9. Hello Guys,

    Damascus Gate Restaurant IS NOT in KL city becaus this city is in India and Damascus Gate Rest. is in Syria. Indeed it is the biggest restaurant in the world according to W.G.B. it serve 6012 people the staff is 1,200.

    need more info, just google their phone number, but as to get there, it is next the damscus airport.

  10. oh no, u gave a good description of the place and food but no address ………

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  12. Ed – there is a Damascus Gate Restaurant in Ampang, which is in Malaysia. The restaurant is in the Korea-town location. Therefore, we can’t actually give you a location to the one in the Middle East as we have not been there before.

    Johnny – if you go around the loop of where Koreatown is, you’ll see a building with a large white gate/driveway. It sort of looks like a house, but it’s not.

  13. guys
    does this place still exist
    if ur asking me about the food
    its fantastically great
    the price is also cheap
    juices are great
    been there couple of time last year
    but i went back a mth ago it was dark
    so is it still operating will love to go during this fasting month
    its a house on your left side with a camel light after this korea town

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