5 Ways to know you’re a foodie

1. Food travel

You would travel more than 50km (it could be more than 20km) for food be it seafood, vegan food, crap food, whatever food. For you, travels would have to be done in the name of food and that’ll be good.

2. Blog Hopping

You would have read up or at least feasted your saliva and eyes upon sinful pictures of food from other blogs. Well, that isn’t even enough for you. You woudl follow up by reading up on recipes/restaurants/reviews before trying out that place or food.

3. Restaurant Hopping

Hopping from one restaurant to another to apease your tastebuds is your hobby/temp job. You know the best places for Japanese, Chinese, Greek etc food. I don’t because I don’t get paid for this temp job. 😀

4. Mind numbing

You start to wonder if you’re just plain hungry or plainly speaking, numbed mentally by the amount of food floating through your cranial regions. The first thing that comes out from your mouth, “Oh food!”

5. Tongue Wagging

Haha, nothing beats having a wagged tongue at the sight of food. I bet most of you are guilty as charged. Remind me to carry my camera along should that happen again. And it’ll be, “Wow!” “Yum!” “Hmmm” to “Oh food is glorious” and hence your tongue starts to irrevebrate to pulsating movements. Omg, that sounded horny lol. C’mon, don’t tell me you’re not one of ‘em 😉

Being a novice foodie, I can’t say that I’m all the above but I am guilty of food travel lmao. That reminds me, I’ll perhaps settle for some fatty whopper now.

Glorious Food

6 responses to “5 Ways to know you’re a foodie

  1. I hope you aren’t describing me….. *hides*

  2. I certainly was not 😉

  3. I’d like to add ‘taking photos of various food’…my friends all think i’m nuts…and when I travel I have a mental checklist of stuff I need to eat…*looks vaguely embarrassed*

  4. hehe lol at the picture of a mcdonalds value meal! 😀

  5. lmao at ben and maguro.

    omg I forgot about snapping at food pics! 😀 Erm, will have another 5 list soon 😉

  6. Don’t forget to add talking about food most of the time. 😉

    maguro, don’t worry, I have a mental checklist (as well as one on Word) of things I have to eat or go to eat at. I also have a “blacklist” of places not to eat at.

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