Kanta: Cheap and cheerful

Since I’m busy procrastinating (something I do very well indeed), I thought I might as well do something semi-productive ie. write something even if it’s not what I should be writing at the moment.


This little gem was introduced to us by a Japanese friend, and despite the distance I’ve kept going back. Whenever I go out, I always look for the local tick of approval – here I was glad to see satisfied Japanese diners on multiple visits.


This place is tiny and probably only holds about 10-15 people, so you have to book or get in early if you want a spot. They also do takeout if you can’t get a seat. The whole set up is a bit like Iron chef with one or two assistants running around and the chef on display in the centre simultaneously cooking about ten different dishes, while calling out cheerful greetings to customers. It’s quite interesting but stressful to watch him work 😉


The menu is very reasonably priced, with most mains averaging $9-15. There is a specials board that changes every now and then. The menu includes ubiquitous selections such as tempura, teriyaki chicken/beef/fish and various donburi – all of which are pretty good considering the price range. One of my friends inevitably orders kare-age whenever we go for Japanese (basically deep fried chicken served with a big dob of mustard, mayo or a wedge of lemon), and proclaimed the version here to be one of the best he’d tried in Perth. I’ll eat anything that’s deep fried, but I have to admit the one here is pretty good.


It also offers less commonly seen dishes such as grilled mackerel, octopus and unagi (eel), as well as a selection of sashimi. The tsukune (sort of like a chicken paddlepop with a sweet sauce) is handmade and totally oishii (yum!). The green tea icecream with adzuki bean tastes like it’s been homemade, with the smooth but not overpowering flavour of green tea, contrasting nicely with the sweet adzuki bean and is good value at $3.50. One of the aspects I like most about this place is that the chef clearly takes pride in his work, with aesthetics being still important despite the budget.


So, any folks living south of the river who like their Japanese might want to check this place out sometime. Not that it needs me to vouch for it, it seems plenty of people know about it already.




Kanta: Japanese kitchen and sushi bar (BYO)

2/76 Langford Ave, Langford WA

ph 94515720

Open lunch Tue – Fri 1130-1430

Open dinner Tue – Sun 1730-2100


One response to “Kanta: Cheap and cheerful

  1. Sounds fantastic, I’ll have to go one day to check it out. I love unagi!

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