Team Cooking Challenge – Part 1

Last night, we had the Team Cooking Challenge. It was a great success in my opinion – I didn’t get food poisoning! Now that’s always a plus, not poisoning the President and the Vice President. 😉

The two teams were DDJM (Dave, Dzung, Jonno, Maria) and BFRT (Ben, Frances, Rebecca, Tracy). Each team was supposed to make an entree and a main that was enough for 10 people. For the record, Penny and I were not a team nor we were participating. We were facilitating. That means, we judge, and we get to eat too. However, we also had two back up pasta bakes; as well as dessert of cake, ice cream, and chocolate topping (out of which, the chocolate topping was the only thing we made. ie, i melted butter and Cadbury chocolate to make the topping).

Penny and I will both be putting our separate reviews of each dish shortly after this blog part/section thing.


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