Re: The Cooking Challenge

As I have sometime at the moment, I thought I’d reminisce about Sunday night’s cooking challenge.

Lets start with the entrees.  There was the prawn cooked three ways and the bruchetta. I love the presentation of the prawns, I thought it was very creative and I especially love the one that was crumbed on mayo. That was really yummy, and I wouldn’t mind having another one. The prawn with the spring roll skin, I liked that, but I think the spring roll pastry could do with a little more frying as it wasn’t crispy enough, but I also understand that any longer, and they prawn would have been overcooked. The final prawn which was peppered and on a bed of snow pea sprouts, I really enjoyed the citrus dressing it was tossed through. The only flaw I could find in it was that my prawn was a little too cooked, but as everyone else really enjoyed theirs, I think it may have just been my one. 😦 Overall I really loved this!

The other team made bruchetta, I really loved this as the colours from the tomatoes, capsicum and the onion were gorgeous! However the bread was a little moist, and so taking into account the time it took for us to get round to eating it after taking the photos and discussing it. You guys are totally forgiven and I would have to say it was great!

Next was the mains. Although we did say to do one entree, and one main, one particular group made FIVE mains. LOL! I guess I should give them a special thanks. You guys really filled us up. LOL! the group with the prawn entrees continued their seafood theme with a pasta with calamaris. I must say I quite enjoyed it. The dish looked very simple yet it had alot of flavors to it. I should point out however, the pasta was a little overcooked. 😦 I suspect however that it may be due to the reheating. They served this with a nice salad which I must say had one of the yummiest dressings I’ve tasted in quite awhile! 😀 Please forward your salad dressing recipe to me!!! 😀

The bruchetta group made a whopping four kinds of pasta; one with pesto, one tomato based vegetarian, one with a cheese sauce and one which they called the “multicultural pasta” which from what I could gather, was a combination of vegetables in pasta. LOL. As I am a proud “pea-hater” I wasn’t too impressed that there were peas in the last pasta. 😛 But I forgive you as you had not way of knowing that. 😉  They also made a salt and pepper chicken which was presented to us covered with capsicum bits all over it. 😀 Very technical terminology I know. 😉 Of the five dishes, I really liked the pesto and the cheese pastas. I love cheese, so no need to explain that one, the pesto I felt was really delicious and praise worthy. 😀 The salt and pepper chicken, although tasted good, I think it could have done to have sit in the fryer for a little bit longer to further cook the meat. Not that it was so undercooked we are gonna end up with food poisoning or anything like that, one that it would have tasted better with a longer cooking time.

So of the two teams who fared better? I’d have to say it was a draw. I’m sorry but it is. The food was all really good, and I throughly enjoyed everything. I think everyone should be congratulated as you all did a fantastic job. Those who couldn’t make it you guys really lost out!


One response to “Re: The Cooking Challenge

  1. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for Team DDJM to submit their food titles and descriptions. Come on guys… or else – points off. :p

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