Seafood in Klang

Ok, seafood mania has hit my brains. This happened in the wake of the release of Harry Potter’s 7th and final book. But back to seafood. A couple of peeps and I had decided on having food cum party at a nice place. But what was supposed to be an interesting night, took a turn for the worse as rain started pouring out its emo-self on us.

It took us nearly an hour (+traffic jams & +distance) between my house to this place, Bagan Hailam Restaurant. Getting there, in the heart of Port Klang itself isn’t a problem but finding the right place to eat is a HUGE problem. Upon arriving at this quaint little place, I’m aghast to find loads of restaurants of disparaging differences! However, fret not :p While this is my first time at that place, it wasn’t for those peeps.

“Oh this place is a rip off!”

“Food here isn’t that great”

“Lousy ambience in here”….etc

Ok, fair enough. You guys lead the way lol.

Finally after what seemed like eternity, we arrived at this place, with loads of jack russell terriers scurrying about their business and hush, I don’t mean their waste disposals but rather, eating scraps of anything. You have a pervo mind! 😀

Restaurant Signboard

Entrance into that erm…eatery? Looks dodgy! Argh!

Interior of the restaurant, rather cozy and warm with breeze from the estuary blowingi n on us.

Yacht Club and a dinghy in the foreground

Mussel-like shellfish, looks weird but tastes heavenly! This was cooked in erm, I have no idea what but from the pics, I can make out a few simple ingredients.

. black looking sauce/gravy
. onions (no idea which type that is :p)
. mussel-like shellfish
. some celery-leaves
. salt + pepper + sugar (roflmao)

Vegemite Crab! Seriously! They use vegemites! :p It was vegemite with honey + something else altogether…OMFG heavenly!

Evidently, eating crabs left me with no other option to take pics of other food. Ah well, I’ll show you the aftermath of Hurricane Gluttony that unleashed its fury on food!

House on stilts, these were adjoining the restaurant that I was in. Interesting structure.

Primary school, rather dodgy looking though I must surmise.


Overall, food was good, pricing itself was stupendously good! It’s cheap even by local standards and will definitely be back for more. It was staffed by friendly people and the breeze, ah..oh-so-welcoming!

Distance though is another problem altogether but if you could carpool, it shouldn’t be a problem as there aren’t any public transportation that heads in that direction. If you must ask me, public transportation in the Klang valley or in Malaysia generally pales in comparison with their neighbouring countries. Another thing to take note of, it takes ages for your food to arrive. I wonder if I’m actually allowed to assume that they were fishing while trying to cook our meals? :p

>>> Goes back to reading Harry Potter’s 7th book <<<


8 responses to “Seafood in Klang

  1. Looks good. Hey did you know Malaysia has come up with Vegemite Chicken or something like that? Looks like the Vegemite craze has hit Malaysia. Either that, or the Malaysian students took a bucket load of Vegemite with them and they decided to use Vegemite on other foods other than bread.

  2. I heard the man taking our orders saying so…Or it’s probably marmite so I’ve been told but it had the -mite at the end of it..Ah, can be confusing if mispronounced.

  3. great photos esther! and gratz on pressing on despite the emo-weather…that’s what foodism is all about 😉
    vegemite crab O_o sounds intriguing, even though i can’t stand the stuff usually…

  4. You’d be surprised by how tasty it was! I know, vegemite/marmite crab would have seem alien gastronomically but when I had my first taste of it last night, it was like…”I’ll be back for more!” mode 😀

  5. I know that Marmite is British and Vegemite is Australian, but we M’sians have developed unusual but great ways to use them! My grandma use to put Marmite in my congee instead of soya sauce and it tasted better! When we came to Perth, mum would put Vegemite instead. I also have heard of people making gravy with Marmite/Vegemite instead of worcester sauce.

  6. amirul : 0179651299
    pembekal kupang segar,sejuk beku, full shell, separa kulit, dan isi kupang

  7. hey there, i am plannig a trip to bagan hailam for seafood. been there a few times long time ago and i heard is so much different now. i cant seems to see the photo on this site, can you pls tell me the name of the restaurant??? the about location coz i can see the photo of how the restaurant look like.

    lastly, if you don mind telling me the prices of seafood you ate there by per kg. i just do not want to get rip off again. I went there like 9 months ago, got rip off by this stupid restaurant there. the restaurant was just before the prawn/fishing pond. all the way pass the local houses by the sea. thanks in advance.

    • Hey hey! It has been a while since I last made the trip to Bagan Hailam for seafood so if my memory serves me correctly, the name of the restaurant is Bagan Hailam Seafood restaurant. Back then, it was about MYR 32/kg for crabs. 🙂

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