Opinions Needed!!!

Well after another weekend of sitting around trying to come up with something to do on a Saturday night that did NOT include alcohol of any form, I decided that it was time that we compile a list of places to go to for that late night cafe session. I want to know where is the best places to go for coffee/hot chocolate/ shake/ snacks on a Saturday night in Perth. Oriels in Subiaco use to top my list of a good late night coffee session as they were opened 24hrs, but that fat waiter/cashier was really rude and I, like the majority of Oriel patrons, disliked him and his “service”. Actually, Oriels had alot of flaws, but I think I put up with it a lot due to the fact that Subi has friendly drunks as opposed to Northbridge who has angry/crazy drunks, on a Saturday night.Since it has reopened, amid rumors and speculations about why the place closed down in the first place, I’ve only been once. It wasn’t the same as before though the layout is basically the same. The decor seems too new and sterile to me at the moment, but this may change when they have less time to clean up. Kekeke. Good to note, I didn’t see the angry, fat guy there, and the waitstafff were really friendly and had a great sense of humor. The prices for the place was a bit steep though. I’ve forgotten what it is called now, so I’ll change this later. I must say however I liked my mango milkshake. 😀 Unfortunately from what I hear, the new cafe closes at 2am.

Address- 483 Hay Street, Subiaco

Makan2– The other place I really like going to is Makan2 in Victoria Park. I like the atmosphere, you can go in and sit and talk for hours on end, and the staff will pretty much leave you to it. They also have wireless net connection, I forgotten how much they charge as I don’t use it, but the place is more a hangout to chat and catch up with old friends. On most night they also have the music channel playing on a big screen. They make a fantastic Teh Tarik (Pulled tea) and a generous serving of roti parata. For a mere $3 you get a big steaming mug of teh tarik, and also for $3 you can get a giant piece of plain roti parata with curry sauce for dipping. Again the place is usually full of students and families looking for a halal meal, so if you want somewhere to have quite personal chat, this is definitely NOT the place to go. The main flaws with this place is that even with all the space they have, the cafe fills up pretty quickly, and as a result they have taken to cramming the rooms with lot of tables and chairs. navigating around these tables is real hard, and if you have small children with you, I implore you to leave the prams in the car!!!! The other thing is that even though the staff are really friendly, the service is really slow. I can understand this though as on a Saturday night in a place this big I only saw four people waiting on the tables. I would highly suggest to the owners to put two extra people to lighten the load during the rush periods. I don’t know what time this place closes, but it says till late and I have only ever been there till 12.30 at night, so I’m not too sure what the closing time is.

Address: 357 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park

Moon Cafe– I also like, Moon Cafe in Northbridge. They make a pretty good late night food stop, and the music is different. Though the staff are very friendly, a few of them, I’m assuming they are backpackers, look like they could do with a feed and a shower. LOL. I don’t mean to be rude, but the guy who serve us one night looked like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. I felt like giving him my dinner! But they do make a damn fine cookies and cream cheesecake!!!

Address: Shop 2, 323 William Street, Northbridge

Other places I can think of but not in detail are:

Funtastico (Subiaco)– I know how certain people see this place, but you cannot deny that they make the yummiest sticky date pudding!!!!!! It was gooey and warm like a good pudding should, but the pudding itself wasn’t sickening rich like how a lot of place make it. I felt that the lady/manager(?) can be a bit stuck up sometimes though, the rest of the staff have always been really friendly.

Address: 12 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

44 King Street– If you cannot find this place you need help! 😀 I love this place for the tables and chairs they have! It so cool! The food and coffee being good is a bonus. Hehehe. The kitchen stays open until 12, but I’ve only ever stayed there till 11, we tend to head up to King Park for a late night stroll after this place. 😀

Address: 44 King Street, Perth

Gino’s (Fremantle)– Located along the Cappuccino strip in Freo, I like this place as once you have made your order they leave to to your own devices and they have a very relaxed and casual atmosphere, much like the rest of Freo. I feel however that whenever I go to order at the counter, the guy who takes my order has an opinion about what we get. I know we are sharing the food and we haven’t ordered much, but the servings are a bit too big for me to finish off on my own! Once we get over that initial discomfort the rest of the staff are great, smile a lot and very friendly. I know this place opens till pretty late, but I don’t hang out in Fremantle late at night, so I’m not too sure until when it remains open.

Cafe:1-5 South Terrace, Fremantle

Gino's at nightFast Eddy's West Perth44 King St- Love the table and chairs!

I suppose late night cafe haunts are not complete with out a mention of the Fast Eddy’s Cafes. I love the concept of a 24hour place, and I love the decor they have at all of their franchises. They have lots of good greasy food and drinks to satisfy your late night cravings, and on many occasions I have gotten phones calls from many a friend who has ever wanted to go for a late night meet up at the last minute. Yes I still go, even with knowledge of the stories I’ve heard. :p Its become quite the place for late night food.

Addresses- 454 Murray St Perth 6000; Carousel Shopping Centre Shop R103; Albany Hwy Cannington; Walter Road The Galleria Morley; 13 Essex St Fremantle

Of course here is always a McDonald’s I guess, and the 24hr Maccas in Melville does a roaring trade from midnight-2am with the hungry late night revelers who are heading home/out. 😀 Then there’s bubble T at Utopia on James St in Northbridge, but bubble T isn’t coffee or hot chocolate. 😦

So let me know where you go because I need to find somewhere new!


11 responses to “Opinions Needed!!!

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t put Van’s or Alfred’s Kitchen on the list!

  2. Not good for cold winter nights.:P I’d freeze!!!!! Besides, they more burger places.

  3. But you said late night places right? How about the 24 hour pizza place in Vic Park?

  4. I personally like Exomod on Beaufort St, Mt Lawley. It’s open till late (or all night – I can’t remember) on Fridays and Saturdays, has free wireless and food and most importantly, they sell 1L coffees – about 9 shots. Or you can just get normal coffee 😉 Good for those late night cram sessions when you’re burning the midnight oil. Oh fond memories…not.

    The other place I used to go to a fair bit is Oxford 130, Leederville. So the coffee ain’t that great (and I wouldn’t recommend the cake), but they do pretty decent hot chocolate, it’s great for people watching, and they have board games!

    I don’t mind the Moon either…but I can never figure out who are the waitstaff and who are the patrons… 😀

  5. Did someone mention a L of coffee? :D:D:D:D:D:D

  6. I didn’t know Exomod had free wireless! I should go there more often!

    As for Oxford 130, at least there’s decent hot chocolate – especially since I don’t drink coffee. Board games are always good. 🙂

  7. Ooooo a litre!!! XD I need to check that place out!!!!!!!

  8. Euw, too much coffee! 1 Litre! :p

    No one will be able to sleep after drinking that unless it’s decaf!

  9. Decaf still has caffeine…you just need to drink a lot of it! Kinda like low alcohol wine really, lol. if anyone wants to go get a pint of coffee sometime, let me know 😉

  10. I’ll come if there’s tea. Or good hot chocolate. By the way, thanks for the outing – the John St Cafe hot chocolate was good. 🙂

  11. My mum drinks coffee before going to bed, it actually helped her sleep better. I did that at one stage, and realized that I drank way too much coffee so I cut back. Now I’m back to only drinking 1- 3 a day. 😀

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