Team Cooking Challenge Part 2

A few weeks ago we held the Team Cooking Challenge at my house which was between Teams BRFT (Ben, Rebecca, Frances, Tracy) and DDJM (Dave, Dzung, Jonno, Maria). After waiting a while to get the proper titles and descriptions from team DDJM, I can no longer wait for them to supply me with this information. And thus, I will be providing some alternative names.

But first of all, my comments on the food:


Team BRFT beautifully presented their entree, which was Prawns in 3 Ways. The three different ways that they were presented were Marinated Spring Roll Prawns which is prawns marinated in chilli, garlic, ginger, fish sauce wrapped in a spring roll skin and deep fried served with spicy chilli sauce. I thought this was quite nice, except it wasn’t so crispy after a lot of talking.

The second way was ‘Prawns Classic’, which was prawns marinated with good Australian extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper, with snow pea sprout salad tossed in orange and chilli vinaigrette. I felt the prawn here was slightly overcooked.

The third way was ‘Panko Crusted Prawns’ which was prawns encrusted with Japanese panko bread crumbs and deep fried, served drizzled with freshly squeezed lemon juice and Japanese mayonnaise. I thought this one was the best overall out of the three prawn styles.

Prawns 3 Ways - Wandering Gourmet Team Cooking Challenge

Overall, this dish was quite good and I would imagine it would be more flavoursome if served warmer (which was out of our control). I would probably rate it 4 out of 5 because of the quality of the food, presentation, and that it was quite a different idea.

Team DDJM presented two dishes for their entrees – Salt and Pepper Chicken, and Bruschetta. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell you much about them apart from the Salt and Pepper Chicken was coated in flour, salt and pepper and they fried it in my wok. There were also a lot of vegetables, so extra points for the thought of balancing out the dish with vegies! However, I found the Salt and Pepper Chicken a little under cooked – but the next day after I heated it was perfect. I would give particular dish 3.5 out of 5 (lost points for the undercooked chicken and that it was cooked in my house).

Salt and Pepper Chicken - The Wandering Gourmet Team Cooking Challenge

The Bruschetta was quite flavoursome, except it was a little soggy – but this could not have been helped because of the talking. However, they did have an advantage that they cooked the dish in the house as opposed to the Team BRFT’s Prawns 3 Ways. I would give this lovely food for the soul dish 4 out of 5.

Jon and Maria Making Bruschetta


Team BRFT created Strozzapreti with Sautéed Squid and Mushrooms. This consisted of Strozzapreti pasta with sautéed North Western WA Squid and mushrooms, coated in a smoked cheddar and parmigiano reggiano butter sauce tossed in fresh chives and Italian parsley. I thought that this dish was well made; and once again very well thought out. I would vote this dish 4 out of 5.

Team DDJM created four different types of pasta – Multicultural Pasta, Chicken Cabonara, Olive and Basil Pesto Pasta, and some kind of Tomato Based Pasta.

The Multicultural Pasta was so named “because it had an Asian-influenced style of preparation, the veggies were stir fried in capsicum and stuff.” Unfortunately I didn’t have this dish on the night, but I did have it the next day for work. I would have to say this was good.

Multicultural Pasta

The Chicken Cabonara was definitely one of the crowning jewels in Team DDJM’s dishes, I felt. I think this dish was good over all.

Olive and Basil Pesto Pasta was also a strong contender from this team. The basil pesto was quite good compared to the last time I had basil pesto in a meal! That was at Rockeby’s in Subiaco by the way – and it was utterly appalling. I am certainly glad this one tasted much better than Rockeby’s!

Olive with Basil Pesto Pasta

Tomato Based Pasta – unfortunately I was unable to get any details about this dish although I did eat it. I remember it vaguely. I’m sure it was good – I haven’t died from it! 🙂

Over all, I would give the pastas from Team DDJM an average of 4 out of 5.


5 responses to “Team Cooking Challenge Part 2

  1. The tomato based pasta was the vegetarian one?

  2. Um, no it was just tomato… based… pasta… I don’t think it had any extra stuff in it? I’m not sure. But I did eat it that night – but I didn’t have that as part of my leftover packages. That’s what I get for not putting the packets of pasta into my fridge before people took away the ones they wanted!

  3. LOL! BTW I keep forgetting to ask, how did the pasta bakes work out?

  4. Oh they were good. We ended up giving half of our pasta bakes to Caroline and Kai. And then we ended up eating the rest for the week, but mum got sick of it and made some real food.

  5. BTW I keep forgetting to ask, how did the pasta bakes work out?

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