Hi everyone!

This is just a note to let members know that the next Wandering Gourmet gathering will be held on the 18th August, which is a Saturday night. I am currently sorting out the details, so I will let you know closer to the date where it will be held and how much it will be. I guess it would also be handy to mention that it will be at a Japanese restaurant. If you have any input or connections 😉 let me know.

Also for September’s gathering, I was thinking of either a picnic or BBQ for two reasons. The first being that September marks the arrival of Spring here in Oz, and it is also suppose to be a gathering where are are required to participate. So what better time to have an outdoors activity?! If you have any ideas as to where to have this picnic/bbq, group games we can play or how we should organise it, please email me what you have come up with.

I’ll be in touch!  😀


3 responses to “Update

  1. How about good ol’ Kings Park if you’re going to have a BBQ? Or maybe the South Perth foreshore? Or the Applecross foreshore?

  2. I got Kings Park, Heathcoate, Matilda Bay and South Perth Foreshore.

    Aruluen would have been great, but the entry costs are too much and it would be crowded, not to mention, it is a bit far.

    I don’t know any GOOD places North of the River so I have come to the conclusion that Northies are indoor people, making it all the more reason why they should come out and work on their tans. 😛

  3. Couldn’t you just climb through the hole of the fence at Araluen? Or has that been fixed? lol

    North of the river… um, Matilda Bay, Kings Park…. the beaches?

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