The Wondering Gourmet (wanderinggourmet.wordpress.com) serves 2 purposes:

– It’s a personal blog which has recipes, reviews/stories related to food, culture and travel.

– The home of The Wandering Gourmet Club. The Wandering Gourmet is an international club based in Perth, Western Australia, interested in food, culture, travel strengthening relationships with each other as well as making new friends. It is free to join.

Club rules can be found here.

To join The Wandering Gourmet Club, contact us at Wandering Gourmet Email

* Angie
Founder of The Wandering Gourmet, Wandering Gourmet President, and Wandering Gourmet MySpace Account Person – Perth, WA

Self-confessed (and possibly obsessed) foodie, cultural and travel addict. Can often be found talking about food, where to eat, volunteering, playing computer games; whilst planning her next trip in her head.

* Esther http://www.esther-lim.com
The Wandering Gourmet Country – Malaysia Vice President & KL Chapter Representative
Has been infected by Angie to become a huge Foodie. Is a movie mogul wannabe, loves her movies right to its core and is probably the harshest critic of most movie genre. But still yearns to backpack in the Himalayas and Western Europe.

* Penny http://penneigh.multiply.com
The Wandering Gourmet Vice President, and The Wandering Gourmet Friendster Account Person – Perth, Australia

* Caroline
Member and Blog Contributor
Aspiring traveller and foodie, cafe hopping, completely retentive about coffee.

* Ben
Member and Blog Contributor

To become a contributor of The Wandering Gourmet, just email us with the subject header, “Blog Contributor”. You must be a member to be a contributor. Membership to the club is free.