The Wandering Gourmet Club Rules

The Wandering Gourmet is an international social networking and common interest group with our Headquarters in Perth, Western Australia.

1. Our common interests are food, culture, travel, friendship and entertainment.
2. There is no joining fee for membership. If anyone says there is – they lie!
3. The Wandering Gourmet and its management are not liable for any damages whatsoever during any events, travel, member benefits, or anything related to The Wandering Gourmet.
4. Payment for events and travel are currently to be made to the designated person of each member chapter in full.

As President, I have appointed a Vice President or Representative for each member country. The Vice President or Country Representative is in charge of running the club in their country with assistance from the President where necessary.

Non Profit Clause and Dissolution Clause
As per the Australian Tax Office laws:
Non-profit Clause
The assets and income of the organisation (The Wandering Gourmet) shall be applied solely in furtherance of its above-mentioned objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.

Dissolution clause
In the event of the organisation being dissolved, the amount that remains after the dissolution and the satisfaction of all its’ debts and liabilities shall be decided amongst its members as to what to do with it.

Blog and Other Works
1. Everything is copyrighted and a property of The Wandering Gourmet and it’s Contributors. Please ask for permission to use anything that we have personally created via email or use of the Contact Us page.
1. The Wandering Gourmet and its’ members is not liable for anything (eg damages) from our blog or other works

1. All food allergies should be made known to the organiser – because we don’t want you do die/go to hospital for not telling us before hand! We are not responsible if you have not made us aware of any allergies or conditions that you have.

2a. Payment for group food outings (eg to restaurants) should be paid in advance when RSVP’ing. This must be adhered to because we have experienced problems with people pulling out of meals at the last minute, creating problems for the organiser(s) and guests.
2b. In the event that the RSVP’ed person cannot make it, 100% of the money will be refunded.
2c. However, in the event that the person who RSVP’ed pulls out in the last hours, money will not be refunded.
2d. Payment may be applicable for cooking classes, to help pay for ingredients and gas/electricity/water costs. This amount may be discussed/negotiated between organiser/teacher and students.

3a. All members are encouraged to share their cooking skills with the group at events particularly classes.
3b. Members should not mock others (particularly the teacher/organiser) of the class or event.

4. Keep an open mind with the food tastes and do not make rude comments about other peoples food tastes.

1. Members of The Wandering Gourmet should allow other members to have free home stay (i.e. the ability to crash on their couch/spare bed), unless the members’ whose services have been requested cannot be met due to things such as they fear it is not safe or they just do not have the extra room. To have home stay, please contact the club via The Wandering Gourmet email address. Identification and other verification may be required.

2. Free tour guiding of the city/town/village should be given to visiting Wondering Gourmet members in the place they are visiting, if members in the visited city/town/village do not have enough spare time to do so. To have a free tour guide, please contact the club via The Wandering Gourmet email address. Identification and other verification may be required.

3. If a tour guide or home stay cannot be done, at least try to meet up for a drink or a meal. Identification and other verification may be required.

4. The procedure for Travel points 1 -3 (home stay, tour guiding or ‘other’) is as follows:

* Register your interest or intent of either home stay or wanting a city tour by emailing us at The Wandering Gourmet email address or by using the form in the Contact page of In the email, state your full name, the city and country you reside in, the city you intend to visit, what dates you intend to go over. Further identification and verification may be required.

* Once you have been identified and verified, emails will be sent to those who reside in the area that the person requesting the home stay or tour will visit.

* The people in that area have the choice whether or not to accept you. In the event that they do accept you, each other’s contact details will be given out (e.g. email address or MSN, etc.). Ideally, notification of visitation should be at least 1 – 2 months in advance. The Visitor and the Welcomer are strongly encouraged to keep constant contact during the month(s) prior to visitation to get to know each other better.

* After the home stay, tour or ‘other’, a little survey will be given and should be filled out immediately.

4a. People should keep an open mind when visiting and/or welcoming others.
4b. Both the Visitor and the Welcomer are encouraged to write an article about their trip (about the food, place and culture – not about the other person!)

5a. Payment for local group travel may be applicable, to help with the fuel costs only. This amount may be discussed/negotiated between organiser/driver and passengers.
5b. Payment for international group travel is applicable. Obviously. Unless someone wins the lotto and then can take us all away on holidays. 😉

Culture and People
1. Members will respect others’ beliefs and cultural practices.
2. Members will not harass, stalk, threaten or abuse other members or make any hateful or offensive comments.

If any of these rules are not adhered to, this may result in expulsion.