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Seafood in Klang

Ok, seafood mania has hit my brains. This happened in the wake of the release of Harry Potter’s 7th and final book. But back to seafood. A couple of peeps and I had decided on having food cum party at a nice place. But what was supposed to be an interesting night, took a turn for the worse as rain started pouring out its emo-self on us.

It took us nearly an hour (+traffic jams & +distance) between my house to this place, Bagan Hailam Restaurant. Getting there, in the heart of Port Klang itself isn’t a problem but finding the right place to eat is a HUGE problem. Upon arriving at this quaint little place, I’m aghast to find loads of restaurants of disparaging differences! However, fret not :p While this is my first time at that place, it wasn’t for those peeps.

“Oh this place is a rip off!”

“Food here isn’t that great”

“Lousy ambience in here”….etc

Ok, fair enough. You guys lead the way lol.

Finally after what seemed like eternity, we arrived at this place, with loads of jack russell terriers scurrying about their business and hush, I don’t mean their waste disposals but rather, eating scraps of anything. You have a pervo mind! 😀

Restaurant Signboard

Entrance into that erm…eatery? Looks dodgy! Argh!

Interior of the restaurant, rather cozy and warm with breeze from the estuary blowingi n on us.

Yacht Club and a dinghy in the foreground

Mussel-like shellfish, looks weird but tastes heavenly! This was cooked in erm, I have no idea what but from the pics, I can make out a few simple ingredients.

. black looking sauce/gravy
. onions (no idea which type that is :p)
. mussel-like shellfish
. some celery-leaves
. salt + pepper + sugar (roflmao)

Vegemite Crab! Seriously! They use vegemites! :p It was vegemite with honey + something else altogether…OMFG heavenly!

Evidently, eating crabs left me with no other option to take pics of other food. Ah well, I’ll show you the aftermath of Hurricane Gluttony that unleashed its fury on food!

House on stilts, these were adjoining the restaurant that I was in. Interesting structure.

Primary school, rather dodgy looking though I must surmise.


Overall, food was good, pricing itself was stupendously good! It’s cheap even by local standards and will definitely be back for more. It was staffed by friendly people and the breeze, ah..oh-so-welcoming!

Distance though is another problem altogether but if you could carpool, it shouldn’t be a problem as there aren’t any public transportation that heads in that direction. If you must ask me, public transportation in the Klang valley or in Malaysia generally pales in comparison with their neighbouring countries. Another thing to take note of, it takes ages for your food to arrive. I wonder if I’m actually allowed to assume that they were fishing while trying to cook our meals? :p

>>> Goes back to reading Harry Potter’s 7th book <<<

A chef’s best friend

Ok here’s my first attempt at blogging…

The chef’s knife, also known sometimes as a cook’s knife, in my opinion is the most important item in the kitchen. You are able to cook something with inadequate cookware but you won’t be able to prepare the food to cook without a chef’s knife, unless you are eating eggs or microwaveable tv dinner or something haha. The chef’s knife is designed to perform a variety of food preparation tasks, such as cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing. Most people will only need this one knife for food preparation. I won’t bother explaining anymore so I’ll list a wikipedia link here. I’ll just post some tips for buying one in this post.

Some alternatives to a chef’s knife (and won’t go into depth explaining) are:

1. Chinese chopping knife (“Cai dao”) – All purpose knife used by the asians for food preparation, guess most of you will know what this is. Most of the ones here are cheap and nasty, and personally I prefer a normal chef’s knife, but thats just me.

2. Santoku (means “3 uses” in japanese) – Fairly popular these days amongst women (possibly due to marketing), santoku’s don’t have a pointy tip like chef’s knives and are a generally smaller and less “scary” looking. Does not add value if you already own a chef’s knife. I would buy one for my future wife or something LOL, when the time comes, so I don’t have to cook dinner. 😉

Here are my chef’s knives, don’t ask why I’ve got 4! Well, I have a variety of sizes for different tasks and on my mood. But really you only need one! 😛

my chef's knives
Top to bottom:

1. Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Gyuto (24cm, ~$330 – insert asian price shock here eg. my mum: “Ai-yo~!“)

2. Global G-2 Chef’s Knife (20cm, $129.95)

3. Misono Molybdenum Chef (18cm, ~$80)

4. Global GS-3 Chef’s Knife (13cm, $89.95)

Like all things, a quality chef’s knife does not come cheap. They can start from $50 dollars and can cost thousands. Think of it as a lifetime investment. A good quality knife will easily last over 20 years (Does your car last 20 years?). Forget those tv infomercials where you get “10 knives for $49.95 and when you pay by credit card in the next half hour, you get an extra set free!” For the most part, you will never need 19 of those knives anyway. The more expensive a knife is, does not mean it is better either. Every knife is different so try each one to see which ones you are comfortable with. A 20cm/ 8inch knife is plenty for most. Check out the weight, balance, and construction of the knife. Wusthof, Henckels, Victorinox, Messermeister, Global, and Shun are good brands you can find locally. Personally I prefer japanese over german makes because they are lighter, thinner and sharper. However, they are require more maintenance and care compared to their german counterparts.

Reviews for some of the above here.

I have listed down some places in Perth where you can find some quality knives. A good strategy is to go to the store and have a feel of the knife, and order them online to save money!

Local stores:

1. Cut it out – 413 Murray St, Perth
2. Kitchen Warehouse – See site for locations

Online stores:

1. Kitchen Warehouse (1week delivery)

2. Everten Online (1 week delivery)

3. Japanese Chef’s Knife (1-2weeks delivery)

Hard Gay cooking with kids!

So the name may sound wrong. His moves look so very wrong…. but damn I have not seen anything this funny in quite awhile. Before I freak you out and people contact administrators believing I am posting porn or whatever, I’ll give you a brief outline on who this guy is.

Razor Ramon Sumitani Hard Gay” or just “Hard Gay” or even “HG” is a character created and performed by Japanese comedian, Masaki Sumitani. Hard Gay goes around Japan dressed in a black leather outfit, helping the community.

Although it may sometimes be kinda hard to notice with his signature pelvic thrusts and over enthusiasm, which may shock audiences more than entertain them. All the same I found him hilarious. Well in the clip that I’m posting, he is doing a segment where he tries to “fix” kid’s dislike of certain food. The first one is a Green Pepper, and the second one is Natto which is made from Japanese fermented soybeans. I love these kids expressions. Enjoy!!!

Hard Gay: Green Pepper

Hard Gay: Natto

Meet Kylie Kwong in Perth

Australia’s most famous Chinese tv chef, Kylie Kwong, will be heading to Perth this April to promote her latest book, ‘Simple Chinese Cooking’. If you’re a Kylie Kwong fan, head to these places to find her at:

Amano Cookware Store and Cooking School in Cottesloe will be hosting Kylie Kwong. Their meet and greet event is on Tuesday the 11th of April, 2007. You get a glass of champagne (because it’s never too early to drink) and a sweet treat. To book or to find out more details, call Catriona on 9384 0378.

If you can’t make it to this lunch time/morning tea appointment, you can also have Dinner with Kylie Kwong at the Dymocks Literary Events – Leeuwin Estate event which is the next day, on Wednesday the 12th of April. Kylie will be a guest chef with Beaumonde Catering. The evening which consists of a 4 course dinner with wines is $120.00. To book or to find out more details, call Dymocks Literary Events on either 9385 6820 or 0401 671 849.