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Favourite Destinations

Where would you like to go and why? A simple question, with a huge range of response. Some people just want to go back to the neighborhood they grew up in, some would like to see one of the world’s most spectacular artifacts, such as the Mayan ruins, or the Great Wall of China. Whatever it is, everyone usually have a place which they would love to go see at least once in their lifetime.

For me, I have a few places. One of the places I would love to go to is Tibet. Not because, according to one of my best friend, I want to see my friend get chased by a mountain goat….OK, maybe a little bit. 😉 I want to go to Tibet, because it is one of those places that although everyone has heard of it and knows where it is (I’m saying generally), it remains pretty much a mystery as to what it looks like. People, like my aforementioned friend, think of it as mountain village where the Dalai Lama happens to be from. I’m pretty sure that there is a city there. Or their version of a city, and I would love to see that. I already know I’m not going to be able to see the peak of Mount Everest, lets face it I’m not a mountain climber and the thought of spending more than a week in a tent scares me(bad family camping holiday experience), let alone spending many days in a tent in freezing weather and high altitudes. 😦 So if I can’t go to the peak of the world, why not the highest city in the world? 😀

Hehe... Goats

So where in the world would you like to go and why would that be a place you want to go to? 🙂


Top 5 Most Dangerous Countries in the World

Never thought I’d proceed to write about this but after scourging through the web on travel sites, I couldn’t help but notice how little there is on dangerous travels around the world. Eureka! My eyes laid upon one that caught not one but both eyes. Top 5 dangerous countries in the world. Fancy travelling to these countries after reading what is being done by the minute.

Russia, Venezuela, Jamaica, South Africa and Columbia.

All have one claim to fame, and that would be danger. I do remember say, a couple of years ago, I’d always entertained thoughts of perhaps, paying South Africa a visit. Little is known about this little country greatly ravaged by history’s little misdemeanour, the practice of apartheid. Reading about the dangers that country presents, jolted me upright!

South Africa : Averages 50 murders a day in a country of 47 million.

Figures like this speaks volumes on the atrocities that continues to go on today.

However, what I found puzzling was how little was being said about countries like Afghanistan, or perhaps, Iraq and even to a certain extent, Pakistan and etc. I can conclude quite rhetorically that reports like these aren’t conclusive without the inclusion of other countries, thought to be even more dangerous that the aforementioned places.