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Lion Dance in KL’s Chinatown

Ok, I know that Chinese New Year has somewhat passed us like ages ago. But I remember taking some videos from my mobile of an event that left me
with ears that rang non-stop.

Walking around Chinatown in KL’s no easy task. You find people speaking a smattering of Chinese, Canto, Hokkien etc and so much so, there were times when I was at a lost as to which dialect to converse in.

Ok, lion dancing.

The first thing that is conjured up would be images of lions dancing in the
Serengeti  to hip-hop music or to whatever jazzy tune.
Think, Michael Buble or 50 cent :p But no, blame it on my brains that isn’t starved from the lack of sugar atm :p
*as of 6pm, I’ve had enough sugar to last me the entire night without having the need to erm, starve myself* :p

However, that’s not the point in this entry of mine. What I’m about to show you, is the importance of lion dancing in the Chinese culture. Lion Dancing was in the past and at present, used to usher in good fortune and to ward off evil spirits. Well, this was probably China, before Christianity said hello to them.

I cannot however, verify if evil spirits are indeed afraid of these lions,
seeing that they’re manned by human beings, but what I do know is that lions according to the chinese folklore are known to be guardian creatures. But that’s the basic thing you’d have to know about Lion Dances among the chinese. The variation of styles between Northern and Southern Lion Dancing is a different story altogether. This is atypical of chinese art, culture, food etc.

Till then, here’s a short video.  (pardon me but the video and audio quality is bad…and it’s loud!)


Top 5 Most Dangerous Countries in the World

Never thought I’d proceed to write about this but after scourging through the web on travel sites, I couldn’t help but notice how little there is on dangerous travels around the world. Eureka! My eyes laid upon one that caught not one but both eyes. Top 5 dangerous countries in the world. Fancy travelling to these countries after reading what is being done by the minute.

Russia, Venezuela, Jamaica, South Africa and Columbia.

All have one claim to fame, and that would be danger. I do remember say, a couple of years ago, I’d always entertained thoughts of perhaps, paying South Africa a visit. Little is known about this little country greatly ravaged by history’s little misdemeanour, the practice of apartheid. Reading about the dangers that country presents, jolted me upright!

South Africa : Averages 50 murders a day in a country of 47 million.

Figures like this speaks volumes on the atrocities that continues to go on today.

However, what I found puzzling was how little was being said about countries like Afghanistan, or perhaps, Iraq and even to a certain extent, Pakistan and etc. I can conclude quite rhetorically that reports like these aren’t conclusive without the inclusion of other countries, thought to be even more dangerous that the aforementioned places.