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Seafood in Klang

Ok, seafood mania has hit my brains. This happened in the wake of the release of Harry Potter’s 7th and final book. But back to seafood. A couple of peeps and I had decided on having food cum party at a nice place. But what was supposed to be an interesting night, took a turn for the worse as rain started pouring out its emo-self on us.

It took us nearly an hour (+traffic jams & +distance) between my house to this place, Bagan Hailam Restaurant. Getting there, in the heart of Port Klang itself isn’t a problem but finding the right place to eat is a HUGE problem. Upon arriving at this quaint little place, I’m aghast to find loads of restaurants of disparaging differences! However, fret not :p While this is my first time at that place, it wasn’t for those peeps.

“Oh this place is a rip off!”

“Food here isn’t that great”

“Lousy ambience in here”….etc

Ok, fair enough. You guys lead the way lol.

Finally after what seemed like eternity, we arrived at this place, with loads of jack russell terriers scurrying about their business and hush, I don’t mean their waste disposals but rather, eating scraps of anything. You have a pervo mind! 😀

Restaurant Signboard

Entrance into that erm…eatery? Looks dodgy! Argh!

Interior of the restaurant, rather cozy and warm with breeze from the estuary blowingi n on us.

Yacht Club and a dinghy in the foreground

Mussel-like shellfish, looks weird but tastes heavenly! This was cooked in erm, I have no idea what but from the pics, I can make out a few simple ingredients.

. black looking sauce/gravy
. onions (no idea which type that is :p)
. mussel-like shellfish
. some celery-leaves
. salt + pepper + sugar (roflmao)

Vegemite Crab! Seriously! They use vegemites! :p It was vegemite with honey + something else altogether…OMFG heavenly!

Evidently, eating crabs left me with no other option to take pics of other food. Ah well, I’ll show you the aftermath of Hurricane Gluttony that unleashed its fury on food!

House on stilts, these were adjoining the restaurant that I was in. Interesting structure.

Primary school, rather dodgy looking though I must surmise.


Overall, food was good, pricing itself was stupendously good! It’s cheap even by local standards and will definitely be back for more. It was staffed by friendly people and the breeze, ah..oh-so-welcoming!

Distance though is another problem altogether but if you could carpool, it shouldn’t be a problem as there aren’t any public transportation that heads in that direction. If you must ask me, public transportation in the Klang valley or in Malaysia generally pales in comparison with their neighbouring countries. Another thing to take note of, it takes ages for your food to arrive. I wonder if I’m actually allowed to assume that they were fishing while trying to cook our meals? :p

>>> Goes back to reading Harry Potter’s 7th book <<<


Avocado Daiquiri

Ok, I was reading up on daiquiries, of which the yummy strawberry flavour’s my

And with a pitted avocado in hand (left hand to be precise),
I went about searching for an avocado

daiquiri recipe. Oh boy was I delighted to have found one!

It is fairly simple, rather straight forward perhaps,
in its process right till its presentation.

Avocadoes = Gotta love ’em for being such versatile little ugly looking dynamites!

What you need is :

. 1/4 medium avocado
. 3/4 oz fresh lime juice
. 1 cup of crushed ice
. 1 1/2 oz light rum ( sees the smile spreading on my face 🙂 )
. 1 lime wedge ( if you’re going to drown it, don’t bother with the lime wedge)
. a blender

Tried & tested methods

– Crush ice in blender (or if blender’s not available, pound ice to your heart’s content).

– Add rum, lime juice, and 1/4 medium avocado in blender.

– Blend until thoroughly mixed, smooth and in its glorious cream-like texture.

– Pour into glass and garnish with lime wedge.


Fruity Cocktails Count as Health Food

According to a recent study by US and Thai researchers, fruit cocktails count as health food.

By adding ethanol, which is a type of alcohol found in spirits such as rum and vodka to the fruits such as strawberries and blueberries, boosted the anti-oxidant nutrients.

“Any colored fruit or vegetable is rich in antioxidants, which are chemicals that can cancel out the cell-damaging effects of compounds called free radicals.”

Finally, something we can all enjoy that is good for us. 😀

I wonder if fruit cocktails will be introduced to hospital menus now that we know it is really good for you. Or maybe they could leave a chocolate mint on our pillow and hand us a fruit cocktail on arrival. 😀
Link to Fruity cocktails count as health food, study finds from Yahoo! News

It is so good it is Craptastic!!!

Ok, most people who know me, know that I have a caffeine addition. Other people have a cocaine addiction, I need my caffeine hit baby!! Yeah I know, I’m real hardcore. 😛 Anyways, a friend of mine sent me a newspaper article on it, so I thought I write about it. It was shown on Oprah as well, so you may have read about this, or maybe you haven’t, there’s this coffee available called Kopi Luwak. For those of you who don’t know what it is, I’ll tell you. 😀

Kopi Luwak is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It is considered a gourmet treat and an experience in itself. The cost of a cup of this coffee “experience”? $50 at a Queensland tea room. Yeah, and you thought the prices at your local cafe was excessive! So what is so special about this coffee?

Well… the way the coffee bean is processed is what makes it so different and so special and it is basically what is generating the hype. Regular coffee beans as you know are picked when they are ripe, processed and then roasted before being grounded up and brewed for that perfect cup of joe. When Kopi Luwak has a few extra steps before it is processed. The first step that occurs, is that is it that a cat like creature called an Asian Palm civet or Luwak (hence the name)comes along and eats the ripe coffee berries. The berries is then digested, though some speculate that it is due to the enzymes in the civet’s stomach that breaks down the bitterness of the coffee, giving it the unique flavor. The berries are then passes through and excreted by the Luwak, the poo (lets call it what it is) is then collected and goes through a cleaning and drying process. The seeds are then roasted. The roasting should kill off the bacteria and other nasties on it. So are you salivating yet?food, coffee, travel, culture, Coffee Berries, berry, berries, coffee, the wandering gourmet + food, travel, culture, coffee, berry, luwak, the wandering gourmet = luwak, poo, kopi, coffee, food, culture, travel, social club, gourmet, the wandering gourmet = coffee, food, travel, luwak, cat, crap, poo, social club, wandering gourmet

Well if you aren’t adventurous enough to try this coffee out, you may want to consider who has tried and enjoyed this unusual brew, H.R.H. the Queen of England, and the lady the with Midas touch, Oprah.