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The King of Fruits – Ze Durians

What’s the king of fruits?
What tropical fruit draws much appeal yet repels just as many as it has appealed to? Did I hear you mention that name? That very name, much feared by other countries, airlines, hotels?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It is…the Durian!

Lmao, couldn’t quite come up with a better entry than that but hey, it’s better than saying..”Hi, I’m blogging about the durian, also known as stinkypoo fruit” :p
Just teasin’ ya ūüėČ

It was night market, night for me today. Having left work a tad earlier than usual, I made my way to the market for some goodies. I was passing by this little van that sold, loads of durians. Kinda hesitated a bit as I wouldn’t want to spend any thing on a piece of fruit that gives me loads of bad breath and I mean, really bad breath. But, temptation came, tempted me with its enticing tentacles, I walked closer to the truck and the rest, like they say, is history. Using my mouth to start bargaining for the best possible deal/price/price downhike, I managed to buy get myself a pretty reasonable deal of 5 durians + 3 free durians at a cost of MYR50. Bloody hell :p I could have settled for one but no, they were too tempting.

Anyhow, there are many ways to eat/process your durians. The common ways would be, eating its flesh right when it’s opened or making a durian pulp to be made into

1) fermented durian a.k.a tempoyak (to be used in curries, and this smells BAD!)

2) cake

3) play dough..(Btw, I’m just kidding about this )

4) ice cream

5) dodol (a delicacy in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines)

6) fried into little chips (urgh..not my fave anyway)

This ugly piece of thorned up ball is as versatile as your everyday avocado. Yes, wouldn’t it be nice if grapes or other fruits were as versatile as this? Truth be told, durians aren’t as nasty as myth or urban legends have made it out to be.

It’s a fruit that stinks (thanks in due part to a certain organosulphur compound) only when it’s opened, and when you’re not accustomed to its smell. But upon eating a mouthful of it, you’d be surprised that it’s sweet, creamy and well..yummy! It has a somewhat custard-like texture and it’s not surprising that durians have been consumed since pre-historic times in Asia and was only introduced to other countries some 600 years ago. Time have yet to change mankind’s perception of this stinky beast.

One of those rather traditional Thai/Siamese way of eating durians.

. hot steaming rice

. cold water is poured over hot rice

. a dash/sprinkle of salt

. a couple of durians and you’re good to go (and die that is ūüėČ )

There are the other ways of consuming durians the Thai trad way, most notably durians and coconut milk with vanilla-infused sticky rice. Dear me…that would be, death for me. I hadn’t had that much durians but seeing as I’ve not had durians in years (approx 10 years I think) I puked out after 5 seedlings :p That’s what durians are all about, richness in a rather crude context *burps* Oops, excuse moi ūüôā


Dinner Fanfare 190KMs away!

….that took abot 2-2.5 hours of driving. I still cannot believe I drove that far for food Well,¬†not¬†that¬†it’s¬†any¬†different¬†from¬†other¬†places¬†but¬†I’d¬†to¬†attend¬†a¬†rather,¬†festive-like¬†dinner in¬†commeration¬†of¬†my¬†grandaunts¬†95th¬†birthday.¬†Boy,¬†I’d¬†love¬†to¬†be¬†at¬†her¬†age¬†:p


I¬†don’t¬†have¬†any¬†form¬†of¬†addy,¬†and¬†neither¬†do¬†I¬†recall¬†the¬†name¬†of¬†the¬†restaurant¬†but¬†I¬†did¬†however,¬†manage to¬†make¬†up¬†for¬†my¬†short¬†term¬†memory¬†by¬†showing¬†you¬†food(s)¬†that¬†were¬†on¬†display¬†and¬†digested¬†by¬†our tummies.Yes,¬†they¬†were¬†good¬†and¬†I¬†don’t¬†know¬†how¬†much¬†everything¬†would¬†have¬†amounted¬†to.

First¬†dish,¬†started¬†with¬†a¬†‘pau’¬†that¬†had¬†red¬†marzipan-ish¬†letterings¬†on¬†it,¬†Fertility. How¬†fertile¬†that¬†is¬†I¬†don’t¬†know¬†as¬†grandaunt’s¬†childless.

This was promptly followed by a seafood fanfare of lobsters, crabs, lobster meats in salads etc. I don’t know what other things may have entailed in this fare but this was by far, my favourite.

Large scary looking lobbie ūüėÄ

And a huge roasted pig. Say cheese dahlings. I nearly puked as it was oily, imagine eating a whole chunk of lard.

And was quickly followed by shark fins soup. Yes, I know that PETA would probaby be pissed at me for this but it was all very much a part of the banquet. Oh, this soup was shark fins + crab roe. Erm, anyone for the roes?

Ooh my next favourite! Loads of lily buds, on little vegs I have no known name for and century eggs. *literally century eggs as they’re known for their rather putrid taste but aren’t exactly 100 year old eggs ;)* What could be as bad as a balut?

Fish. Looks very much dissected.

Mango pudding on some Japanese jello. The chinese word, if I’m not mistaken it means, Double Happiness/Prosperity? Will someone help me out here?

I could have taken more pics but seriously, I was grossed out by the amount of food/dishes that led to waste.

Blueberry compote recipe

This morning after my blood test I decided to make pancakes for breakfast. I feel so proud, normally I probably could not be bothered doing something so erm, demanding (as opposed to popping bread into a toaster) but hey, it’s the long weekend!

I won’t post the pancake recipe up here since I think most people know how to make pancakes. Or at least they cheat using the ready-mix packets at the supermarket. I decided to use the remaining blueberries from Mother’s Day to make this blueberry compote. Gotta love leftovers!

Blueberry Compote Recipe (Serves 4ish)

* 300g blueberries (in my case I used 150g-200g blueberries)
* 50g castor sugar (you can use normal sugar for this but castor sugar is better. To make castor sugar from regular sugar, you need to grind it up until its fine which can be done with a processor)
* 50mL Cointreau (or similar)

If you don’t have a bain-marie, use an ordinary pot and get the water to simmer. Get a bowl which can fit on top of the pot (without touching the water in the pot). In this bowl, put all the ingredients in. Simmer for 20 minutes, tossing or stirring occasionally.

Serve immediately.

Fruity Cocktails Count as Health Food

According to a recent study by US and Thai researchers, fruit cocktails count as health food.

By adding ethanol, which is a type of alcohol found in spirits such as rum and vodka to the fruits such as strawberries and blueberries, boosted the anti-oxidant nutrients.

“Any colored fruit or vegetable is rich in antioxidants, which are chemicals that can cancel out the cell-damaging effects of compounds called free radicals.”

Finally, something we can all enjoy that is good for us. ūüėÄ

I wonder if fruit cocktails will be introduced to hospital menus now that we know it is really good for you. Or maybe they could leave a chocolate mint on our pillow and hand us a fruit cocktail on arrival. ūüėÄ
Link to Fruity cocktails count as health food, study finds from Yahoo! News