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Damascus Gate Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

Ok, Damascus = Syria? I know I know, Geography isn’t exactly my strongest point, I could name erm, places like Los Angeles, San Francisco in due part on Hollywood. Yes! I’m a movie freak that’s being slowly churned into a foodie as well.

No, I’m not another Michael Myers (think, Halloween H20) as this mini me here’s perfectly sane.

Back to Damascus Gate Restaurant, this restaurant is situated in the erm, remotest part of Kuala Lumpur BUT fret not, they serve up a good deal at a cheap price.

I’m all for good food at cheap prices, and I reckon, they taste somewhat better, not to mention though, my pocket does as well! LOL!

Lena and I had a go at Shawamar something something, well, the menu was in Arabic, and I had erm, potato something something (think Arabic).

Thank goodness Lena knew how to speak/read Arabic having spent a part of her life in Riyadh.

But anyhow, the one I had which was potatoes, in onions, in erm…butter (possibly, tasted like it though), and lamb was sooooo bloody good I could go for a 2nd helping!

Lena’s shawamar was equally good tasting as well but we were floored by what came after these deliciously cooked food. Rice pudding!

That was like the first time I’ve ever had rice pudding and it tastes sooooooo good!

Can’t exactly look at rice the same way again, can I? According to the guy who took our orders ( Syrian who married a Chinese woman, adorable), he said the rice pudding is made overnight using goat’s milk and semi-cooked rice with some sugar that isn’t too sweet. Once everything’s set, it’s left in the refrigerator overnight to be served the next day.

It’s good 😉


Restaurant Interior, comfy seats (on the floor) but filled with mozzies :p

Rice Pudding on my left palm

For decoration purposes, the stalk kept falling down, and thank goodness it wasn’t London Bridge lol.
I was so excited I couldn’t snap a proper picture lol. Nothing turns me on like humour on food 😀 But these are pickles. Yum!

Shawamar goodies! Reminds me of pashmena. (I have no idea why)

Half ravaged rice pudding!

My potato goodie. Soooo simple but good!


Dinner Fanfare 190KMs away!

….that took abot 2-2.5 hours of driving. I still cannot believe I drove that far for food Well, not that it’s any different from other places but I’d to attend a rather, festive-like dinner in commeration of my grandaunts 95th birthday. Boy, I’d love to be at her age :p

The restaurant that I’d to go to was in Ipoh, which would roughly acrue to about 190km or so from Kuala Lumpur.

I don’t have any form of addy, and neither do I recall the name of the restaurant but I did however, manage to make up for my short term memory by showing you food(s) that were on display and digested by our tummies.Yes, they were good and I don’t know how much everything would have amounted to.

First dish, started with a ‘pau’ that had red marzipan-ish letterings on it, Fertility. How fertile that is I don’t know as grandaunt’s childless.

This was promptly followed by a seafood fanfare of lobsters, crabs, lobster meats in salads etc. I don’t know what other things may have entailed in this fare but this was by far, my favourite.

Large scary looking lobbie 😀

And a huge roasted pig. Say cheese dahlings. I nearly puked as it was oily, imagine eating a whole chunk of lard.

And was quickly followed by shark fins soup. Yes, I know that PETA would probaby be pissed at me for this but it was all very much a part of the banquet. Oh, this soup was shark fins + crab roe. Erm, anyone for the roes?

Ooh my next favourite! Loads of lily buds, on little vegs I have no known name for and century eggs. *literally century eggs as they’re known for their rather putrid taste but aren’t exactly 100 year old eggs ;)* What could be as bad as a balut?

Fish. Looks very much dissected.

Mango pudding on some Japanese jello. The chinese word, if I’m not mistaken it means, Double Happiness/Prosperity? Will someone help me out here?

I could have taken more pics but seriously, I was grossed out by the amount of food/dishes that led to waste.

Pancake – The Malaysian Way

Well, it seems true thus far though :p

I was on a eating frenzy a few nights ago, pretty much ravaging whatever I could lay my eyes on.

*or feast my olfactories & tastebuds on, that is*, when I stumbled upon this Malaysian-style

Pancake. I know it’s not like your usual pancake of maple syrup/golden syrup, served hot and down it goes.

This is, still served hot but it comes with more goodies than your usual maple syrup.

This malaysian pancake is called, Apam Balik (malay) or Tai Kao Meen (canto) – literally for big face.

It has crushed peanuts, filled to its brim, with caramelised sugar, sweet corn or

creamy corn (whichever way you want it)

all in its core and when it’s done, it’s folded into half, cut into pizza-sized shapes.

It costs only MYR 0.50 / A$0.17 / US$0.15 / Eur 0.11 per piece.

Talk about cheapness!

*on a sidenote, it’s high in carbohydrates so if you’re an avid Atkins dieter, it’s best to stay as far away as possible ;)*

Avocado Daiquiri

Ok, I was reading up on daiquiries, of which the yummy strawberry flavour’s my

And with a pitted avocado in hand (left hand to be precise),
I went about searching for an avocado

daiquiri recipe. Oh boy was I delighted to have found one!

It is fairly simple, rather straight forward perhaps,
in its process right till its presentation.

Avocadoes = Gotta love ’em for being such versatile little ugly looking dynamites!

What you need is :

. 1/4 medium avocado
. 3/4 oz fresh lime juice
. 1 cup of crushed ice
. 1 1/2 oz light rum ( sees the smile spreading on my face 🙂 )
. 1 lime wedge ( if you’re going to drown it, don’t bother with the lime wedge)
. a blender

Tried & tested methods

– Crush ice in blender (or if blender’s not available, pound ice to your heart’s content).

– Add rum, lime juice, and 1/4 medium avocado in blender.

– Blend until thoroughly mixed, smooth and in its glorious cream-like texture.

– Pour into glass and garnish with lime wedge.


A chef’s best friend

Ok here’s my first attempt at blogging…

The chef’s knife, also known sometimes as a cook’s knife, in my opinion is the most important item in the kitchen. You are able to cook something with inadequate cookware but you won’t be able to prepare the food to cook without a chef’s knife, unless you are eating eggs or microwaveable tv dinner or something haha. The chef’s knife is designed to perform a variety of food preparation tasks, such as cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing. Most people will only need this one knife for food preparation. I won’t bother explaining anymore so I’ll list a wikipedia link here. I’ll just post some tips for buying one in this post.

Some alternatives to a chef’s knife (and won’t go into depth explaining) are:

1. Chinese chopping knife (“Cai dao”) – All purpose knife used by the asians for food preparation, guess most of you will know what this is. Most of the ones here are cheap and nasty, and personally I prefer a normal chef’s knife, but thats just me.

2. Santoku (means “3 uses” in japanese) – Fairly popular these days amongst women (possibly due to marketing), santoku’s don’t have a pointy tip like chef’s knives and are a generally smaller and less “scary” looking. Does not add value if you already own a chef’s knife. I would buy one for my future wife or something LOL, when the time comes, so I don’t have to cook dinner. 😉

Here are my chef’s knives, don’t ask why I’ve got 4! Well, I have a variety of sizes for different tasks and on my mood. But really you only need one! 😛

my chef's knives
Top to bottom:

1. Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Gyuto (24cm, ~$330 – insert asian price shock here eg. my mum: “Ai-yo~!“)

2. Global G-2 Chef’s Knife (20cm, $129.95)

3. Misono Molybdenum Chef (18cm, ~$80)

4. Global GS-3 Chef’s Knife (13cm, $89.95)

Like all things, a quality chef’s knife does not come cheap. They can start from $50 dollars and can cost thousands. Think of it as a lifetime investment. A good quality knife will easily last over 20 years (Does your car last 20 years?). Forget those tv infomercials where you get “10 knives for $49.95 and when you pay by credit card in the next half hour, you get an extra set free!” For the most part, you will never need 19 of those knives anyway. The more expensive a knife is, does not mean it is better either. Every knife is different so try each one to see which ones you are comfortable with. A 20cm/ 8inch knife is plenty for most. Check out the weight, balance, and construction of the knife. Wusthof, Henckels, Victorinox, Messermeister, Global, and Shun are good brands you can find locally. Personally I prefer japanese over german makes because they are lighter, thinner and sharper. However, they are require more maintenance and care compared to their german counterparts.

Reviews for some of the above here.

I have listed down some places in Perth where you can find some quality knives. A good strategy is to go to the store and have a feel of the knife, and order them online to save money!

Local stores:

1. Cut it out – 413 Murray St, Perth
2. Kitchen Warehouse – See site for locations

Online stores:

1. Kitchen Warehouse (1week delivery)

2. Everten Online (1 week delivery)

3. Japanese Chef’s Knife (1-2weeks delivery)

Big Shout-Out!!

Hi all!

As you know we have now reached the middle of the year, so as businesses run around celebrating the end of financial year, it is also a time where there are seems to be so many birthdays. I know that there are a few members birthday on this weekend, so I shall take this moment to wish them a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And to those who’s birthdays will be occurring over the following month, best wishes and good luck! More importantly, I would like to, on behalf of the whole club, wish our President, Angela a very Happy Birthday for today and I wish you many more to come!!!! 🙂

Welcome to our new Blog Contributors

Welcome to maguro and fong777 for becoming Blog Contributors to the Wandering Gourmet. Thanks also to the very shy bassreverb for being our photographer on Sunday.

Thanks also for coming on Sunday to the African Mesob in Northbridge – I am glad everyone managed to find there way there! I will be writing a post about the African Mesob soon. 🙂