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The best Italian restaurants in Perth

I received a comment on my blog that asked me what are the best Italian restaurants are in Perth. I have a few favourites Italian eateries, plus lots that I would love to try one day.

My two favourite Italian restaurants/cafe’s are, in no particular order:
* Borsalino Ristorante, Hampden Road, Nedlands – Italian fine dining with usually really good service. Believe me, the prices are worth the food you get as they serve fresh food. I’ve also heard that real chefs adore the food at this restaurant. It is possibly the best (or at least one of the best) Italian restaurants in Perth.

If you can afford it (and have a large appetite or skip lunch), try the degustation menu. A degustation menu is basically a tasting or sampling of various dishes in the menu (or even sometimes outside of the regular menu). The degustation menu changes every now and then at Borsalino. I don’t know if they have this on the degustation menu any more, but the last time I went there they had Bocconcini as one of the dishes. The Bocconcini, which is a “Spinach and ricotta soufflings oven baked in a creamy mascarpone cheese sauce” was absolutely divine! Even my step-brother who is really picky with the quality of the food he eats loves it.

* Ciao Italia, cnrs Mill Point Road and Douglas Avenue, South Perth. This is one of my favourite Italian places. And also possibly because it was conveniently located near uni. The only problem is that you can’t book, and they should really move to another premises as it is really tight and cosy in that restaurant. My favourite dish here is the Calzone pizza. A Calzone is a fold-over pizza, like a large pizza puff. Just imagine a curry puff except instead of a curry puff filling, it has pizza filling in it.

However, as I mentioned previously, I still have lots more to try on my Italian eateries list, such as Spaghi’s in South Perth, Maurizio Restaurant at the Italian Club in Perth, and more.

I’m interested in visiting Maurizio Resturant in particular because Maurizio Restaurant has a fortnightly event called Il Giro D’Italia which is a year long culinary journey through Italy. In the Il Giro D’Italia, they serve foods from different regions of Italy. I find this interesting because when you visit the Italian restaurants here, they tend to serve almost the same thing in their menus. So it would be nice to eat different Italian regional cuisines once in a while. 🙂

If anyone has any particular favourites they would like to share with us, please let us know. 🙂