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Kanta: Cheap and cheerful

Since I’m busy procrastinating (something I do very well indeed), I thought I might as well do something semi-productive ie. write something even if it’s not what I should be writing at the moment.


This little gem was introduced to us by a Japanese friend, and despite the distance I’ve kept going back. Whenever I go out, I always look for the local tick of approval – here I was glad to see satisfied Japanese diners on multiple visits.


This place is tiny and probably only holds about 10-15 people, so you have to book or get in early if you want a spot. They also do takeout if you can’t get a seat. The whole set up is a bit like Iron chef with one or two assistants running around and the chef on display in the centre simultaneously cooking about ten different dishes, while calling out cheerful greetings to customers. It’s quite interesting but stressful to watch him work 😉


The menu is very reasonably priced, with most mains averaging $9-15. There is a specials board that changes every now and then. The menu includes ubiquitous selections such as tempura, teriyaki chicken/beef/fish and various donburi – all of which are pretty good considering the price range. One of my friends inevitably orders kare-age whenever we go for Japanese (basically deep fried chicken served with a big dob of mustard, mayo or a wedge of lemon), and proclaimed the version here to be one of the best he’d tried in Perth. I’ll eat anything that’s deep fried, but I have to admit the one here is pretty good.


It also offers less commonly seen dishes such as grilled mackerel, octopus and unagi (eel), as well as a selection of sashimi. The tsukune (sort of like a chicken paddlepop with a sweet sauce) is handmade and totally oishii (yum!). The green tea icecream with adzuki bean tastes like it’s been homemade, with the smooth but not overpowering flavour of green tea, contrasting nicely with the sweet adzuki bean and is good value at $3.50. One of the aspects I like most about this place is that the chef clearly takes pride in his work, with aesthetics being still important despite the budget.


So, any folks living south of the river who like their Japanese might want to check this place out sometime. Not that it needs me to vouch for it, it seems plenty of people know about it already.




Kanta: Japanese kitchen and sushi bar (BYO)

2/76 Langford Ave, Langford WA

ph 94515720

Open lunch Tue – Fri 1130-1430

Open dinner Tue – Sun 1730-2100

5 Ways to know you’re a foodie

1. Food travel

You would travel more than 50km (it could be more than 20km) for food be it seafood, vegan food, crap food, whatever food. For you, travels would have to be done in the name of food and that’ll be good.

2. Blog Hopping

You would have read up or at least feasted your saliva and eyes upon sinful pictures of food from other blogs. Well, that isn’t even enough for you. You woudl follow up by reading up on recipes/restaurants/reviews before trying out that place or food.

3. Restaurant Hopping

Hopping from one restaurant to another to apease your tastebuds is your hobby/temp job. You know the best places for Japanese, Chinese, Greek etc food. I don’t because I don’t get paid for this temp job. 😀

4. Mind numbing

You start to wonder if you’re just plain hungry or plainly speaking, numbed mentally by the amount of food floating through your cranial regions. The first thing that comes out from your mouth, “Oh food!”

5. Tongue Wagging

Haha, nothing beats having a wagged tongue at the sight of food. I bet most of you are guilty as charged. Remind me to carry my camera along should that happen again. And it’ll be, “Wow!” “Yum!” “Hmmm” to “Oh food is glorious” and hence your tongue starts to irrevebrate to pulsating movements. Omg, that sounded horny lol. C’mon, don’t tell me you’re not one of ‘em 😉

Being a novice foodie, I can’t say that I’m all the above but I am guilty of food travel lmao. That reminds me, I’ll perhaps settle for some fatty whopper now.

Glorious Food

Dinner Fanfare 190KMs away!

….that took abot 2-2.5 hours of driving. I still cannot believe I drove that far for food Well, not that it’s any different from other places but I’d to attend a rather, festive-like dinner in commeration of my grandaunts 95th birthday. Boy, I’d love to be at her age :p

The restaurant that I’d to go to was in Ipoh, which would roughly acrue to about 190km or so from Kuala Lumpur.

I don’t have any form of addy, and neither do I recall the name of the restaurant but I did however, manage to make up for my short term memory by showing you food(s) that were on display and digested by our tummies.Yes, they were good and I don’t know how much everything would have amounted to.

First dish, started with a ‘pau’ that had red marzipan-ish letterings on it, Fertility. How fertile that is I don’t know as grandaunt’s childless.

This was promptly followed by a seafood fanfare of lobsters, crabs, lobster meats in salads etc. I don’t know what other things may have entailed in this fare but this was by far, my favourite.

Large scary looking lobbie 😀

And a huge roasted pig. Say cheese dahlings. I nearly puked as it was oily, imagine eating a whole chunk of lard.

And was quickly followed by shark fins soup. Yes, I know that PETA would probaby be pissed at me for this but it was all very much a part of the banquet. Oh, this soup was shark fins + crab roe. Erm, anyone for the roes?

Ooh my next favourite! Loads of lily buds, on little vegs I have no known name for and century eggs. *literally century eggs as they’re known for their rather putrid taste but aren’t exactly 100 year old eggs ;)* What could be as bad as a balut?

Fish. Looks very much dissected.

Mango pudding on some Japanese jello. The chinese word, if I’m not mistaken it means, Double Happiness/Prosperity? Will someone help me out here?

I could have taken more pics but seriously, I was grossed out by the amount of food/dishes that led to waste.

Ohnamiya Japanese Takeaway Food Review

Ohnamiya Japanese Restarurant
34 Kearns Crescent, Applecross
(08) 9364 3332

Last night a few friends and I went to Ohnamiya in Applecross for dinner. I was quite surprised that it was not full, because the past few times I had been there, there was always a queue and you would always have to wait for about 20 minutes if you came in at 7pm+. Mind you, the last time I had been to Ohnamiya was about a year or two ago during my uni days. But still.

The best thing about this place is that hot Japanese green tea and nice and cold water is available for free – although I’m sure it’s calculated into the price of the meal, but hey, it’s “free”! Free is good! The only problem was that the Green Tea tasted quite diluted. I am not sure whether the restaurant was skimping on the amount of green tea leaves they put into the teapot or whether my friend did not wait for it to boil the leaves properly which was why the green tea tasted quite diluted.

I ordered a Teriyaki Fish Sushi Box ($13.20), which was ok – nothing special. I did not even receive wasabi or an extra dish of soya sauce even though I was having sushi! I’ve never had the Teriyaki Fish or the Sushi Box at Ohnamiya but the food tasted worse than usual. Or maybe it was just my dish as my friends said their dishes were alright.

My friends ordered things which included some sort of crumbed seafood box/plate. A girl friend ordered one of these crumbed seafood plates and some sort of egg, chicken and mayo teriyaki rice box and she had some kind of trouble with the order because she wanted the chicken separated from the egg or the egg to be separate from the rice… or something. Well it was something that was not that hard to do. But maybe they pre-make the chicken-egg portion of the meal which is why they could not carry out her request.

I would rate this food experience a 3 out of 5 – for no to little service and really average food. Extra points for free drinks.

Hard Gay cooking with kids!

So the name may sound wrong. His moves look so very wrong…. but damn I have not seen anything this funny in quite awhile. Before I freak you out and people contact administrators believing I am posting porn or whatever, I’ll give you a brief outline on who this guy is.

Razor Ramon Sumitani Hard Gay” or just “Hard Gay” or even “HG” is a character created and performed by Japanese comedian, Masaki Sumitani. Hard Gay goes around Japan dressed in a black leather outfit, helping the community.

Although it may sometimes be kinda hard to notice with his signature pelvic thrusts and over enthusiasm, which may shock audiences more than entertain them. All the same I found him hilarious. Well in the clip that I’m posting, he is doing a segment where he tries to “fix” kid’s dislike of certain food. The first one is a Green Pepper, and the second one is Natto which is made from Japanese fermented soybeans. I love these kids expressions. Enjoy!!!

Hard Gay: Green Pepper

Hard Gay: Natto