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Spiderman 3 Review

All I can say right now – it was horrendous and a waste of $15. Wait for it to come out on DVD!

More later. Promise. Just not now because all I have to say it was *that* bad. And I’m not even a hard-core Spiderman fan. The movie lacked a flowing story line, especially at the end as it did not gel. I can see why they spent so much money on the film though – the Sand Man guy effects were pretty amazing.

For the hard-core Spider man fans out there – if you are really into the original Spiderman comics and expect the movie to draw heavily from the comic, you will be heavily disappointed. According to two of my mega-comic fans that I went to see the movie with, there are only two things that are drawn from the movie (other than it’s Spiderman and some other characters). And one of them includes the correct green and white stripes on the Sand Man guy’s shirt.

My friend generously gives this movie 3 out of 5. I give this movie a generous 2 stars out of 5.