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Hard Gay cooking with kids!

So the name may sound wrong. His moves look so very wrong…. but damn I have not seen anything this funny in quite awhile. Before I freak you out and people contact administrators believing I am posting porn or whatever, I’ll give you a brief outline on who this guy is.

Razor Ramon Sumitani Hard Gay” or just “Hard Gay” or even “HG” is a character created and performed by Japanese comedian, Masaki Sumitani. Hard Gay goes around Japan dressed in a black leather outfit, helping the community.

Although it may sometimes be kinda hard to notice with his signature pelvic thrusts and over enthusiasm, which may shock audiences more than entertain them. All the same I found him hilarious. Well in the clip that I’m posting, he is doing a segment where he tries to “fix” kid’s dislike of certain food. The first one is a Green Pepper, and the second one is Natto which is made from Japanese fermented soybeans. I love these kids expressions. Enjoy!!!

Hard Gay: Green Pepper

Hard Gay: Natto


Meet Kylie Kwong in Perth

Australia’s most famous Chinese tv chef, Kylie Kwong, will be heading to Perth this April to promote her latest book, ‘Simple Chinese Cooking’. If you’re a Kylie Kwong fan, head to these places to find her at:

Amano Cookware Store and Cooking School in Cottesloe will be hosting Kylie Kwong. Their meet and greet event is on Tuesday the 11th of April, 2007. You get a glass of champagne (because it’s never too early to drink) and a sweet treat. To book or to find out more details, call Catriona on 9384 0378.

If you can’t make it to this lunch time/morning tea appointment, you can also have Dinner with Kylie Kwong at the Dymocks Literary Events – Leeuwin Estate event which is the next day, on Wednesday the 12th of April. Kylie will be a guest chef with Beaumonde Catering. The evening which consists of a 4 course dinner with wines is $120.00. To book or to find out more details, call Dymocks Literary Events on either 9385 6820 or 0401 671 849.

Food TV Shows round-up: Asia – part 2

But anyway, back to World Asia Cafe, which is hosted by Bobby Chinn. Bobby Chinn is a restaurateur who has a restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. The first episode of World Asia Cafe was in Hong Kong. Chinn opened by stating that in Hong Kong, when they greet you, they don’t say hi, hey, how are you? They say, “Have you eaten yet?” – this is actually a typical Chinese greeting. But it does not mean, “Are you hungry, do you want something to eat?” it just means “Hey, how are you?” We don’t really want to feed you when we say that. The correct answer is, “I’ve eaten” just like when someone asks “How are you?” you’re supposed to say, “Good” – not some long winded answer about how good or bad your day has been.

The highlight of the show was straight after this opening. Bobby Chinn was at a stall where they served snake as a dish. Yes, bizarre food here we come. Chinese are famous for eating everything – Chinese will eat anything that walks, flies, jumps, swims – and even slithers. I have never eaten snake before or been in a food shop/cafe/hawker stall that sells live snake. The snake slithered around Chinn’s shoulders before it was killed and cooked.

But the show went down hill from there.

Chinn showed viewers how to make fried rice, seafood congee (rice porridge or ‘jook’), and sweet and sour. I mean puh-lease. Fried rice, congee and sweet and sour? I guess this show isn’t about real Asian street food, it’s more about what Westerners think of Asian food – apart from the congee dish. But really, congee doesn’t have a place on a cooking show unless it’s Cooking for Dummies.

It was disappointing because there are a lot of great street food in Hong Kong that I’ve only seen in Hong Kong. But I wouldn’t count fried rice, congee or sweet and sour as any of these great street foods.

But I guess it was a good effort for a first ever episode.

Food TV shows round-up: Asia – part 1

Today I managed to catch a show called World Cafe Asia which Anthony Bourdain (a real chef who has his own show called Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations) has been promoting in advertisements on the Lifestyle Travel and Living channel on Foxtel (cable television network). Anthony said the host of World Cafe Asia knows a lot about Asia’s street food, which was promising because I love Asian street food. Even if it might potentially give you a stomach ache.

Before the show started, Anthony Bourdain had a little mini-segment called “Full Course” which was on Singapore. Anthony said that Singapore was a mix of different cultures, and the old world and the new world. He also mentioned that when most people think of Chinese food, people think of unhealthy, greasy Chinese food. But as part of Chinese food, there is a dish called yong tau foo. Yong tau foo, for those who do not know, is stuffed tofu. He said he was quite surprised because it was healthy but tasted really good. Yong tau foo is one of the dishes that is a dish from my particular Chinese ethnic group. In my family, we have it at extended family parties – so I was quite pleased it was praised because I have a friend who teases me about eating yong tau foo.

But what was amusing to me was that the shop Anthony was in was called ‘Ampang Niong Tau Foo’. It was amusing because a lot of places outside of Ampang, Malaysia, carry the name, “Ampang Niong Tau Foo”. I guess they are just trying to ride on the back of Ampang’s most famous dish.